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Anyone who knows anything about California history knows that the Chinese were treated abysmally during their first half century in the golden state, as this cartoon by Thomas Nast so vividly illustrates. (Nast was a champion of downtrodden Chinese and … Continue reading

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Cold War II

I’m no expert on Russia. I’ve known a few over the years, was even related to one by marriage for awhile, but they are still a mystery to me. Like most of us western boomers, I was elated when the … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…The Status Quo!!!

Well, it looked like Nevada City was going to have an election this year, but only two days after the filing deadline, the third candidate (John Valdeman) dropped out, citing “no differences” with candidate councilperson-in-waiting Evans Phelps or incumbent Duane … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung!

Winter, if you could call it that, has departed for another year. With any luck we’ll get some more rain and limp through the growing season. Looking forward to the return of the Farmer’s Markets. Enjoy the green fields while … Continue reading

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A Letter Returns To Sender

A few days ago I was looking for a reference to the band Mistress when I discovered that a song I wrote eons ago that was recorded by the group had found its way onto YouTube. The song, Letter To … Continue reading

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Snakes In A Bar (Part Three)

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Snakes In A Bar (Part Two)

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Snakes In A Bar (Part One)

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We’re All Cornish On St. Piran’s Day

Last week I received a phonecall from Eleanor Kinitzer, asking if I planned to attend this year’s St. Piran’s Day celebration at city hall in Grass Valley. I assured her that I always attend, being a descendent of Cornish immigrants … Continue reading

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I’m Not R. Crumb

Because of the similarity in our names, a few people have confused me with fellow cartoonist R. Crumb. There were a couple of instances at conventions when excited fans would confront me, babbling about how much they liked my comics. … Continue reading

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