And The Winner Is…The Status Quo!!!

City Council Election463Well, it looked like Nevada City was going to have an election this year, but only two days after the filing deadline, the third candidate (John Valdeman) dropped out, citing “no differences” with candidate councilperson-in-waiting Evans Phelps or incumbent Duane Strawser.

And why rock the boat? Things are going so well in the city. So well, in fact, that they don’t need any help from the Rotarians to build a trail on Sugarloaf. They didn’t need a new bulletin board that someone spent countless hours building and painting and didn’t cost the city a cent. (Wrong colors.) The campaign to raise money for a courthouse study fizzled. (Plan B: Do a cheaper study with tax dollars.)

Hopefully, the new bakery will help redeem Commercial Street’s tarnished image. There are days when it resembles San Francisco’s Tenderloin, or maybe the Safeway parking lot in GV. I’ve seen prospective buyers looking at the empty Cirino’s on Broad Street, but no takers as of today.

Somebody must be doing something right. Nobody is sufficiently unhappy to challenge the current crop of politicians. Let the good times roll…

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4 Responses to And The Winner Is…The Status Quo!!!

  1. rlcrabb says:

    Oh no! Jeff P. is making up stories about me again on his blog. For someone who is so touchy about me criticizing “his” town, he sure can’t seem to keep his pudgy fingers out of Grass Valley politics!

  2. FUE says:

    If he could monetize it, he would. Most magazine pimps follow the money. Anything he can do to parlay a blog into an ad or maybe a meal. He does seem to have several problems with Grass Valley, though. Did he get a parking ticket? Did someone not pay their food magazine ad bill? Or…is it just another case of Nevada City telling GrassValley what it should or shouldn’t do?

    • rlcrabb says:

      He’s a strange cookie, Jeff. I guess if he equates my observations of NC politics as jealousy, he must really have a case of GV envy.

  3. Ryan Mount says:

    “Rooskies.” Oh boy, I needed a laugh this morning. Good one.

    I kinda like the vibe at ghetto Safeway, as my friends refer to it. I hope it never moves. It’s a slice of urbanity right here in Grass Valley. I am instantly transported to the Western Addition Safeway for a few brief moments. (I double beep my car alarm when I approach the store). I also like how it becomes the defacto parking for any downtown event. Again, another wiff of urban living. You’d think transplants would appreciate it more. Pity.

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