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A Sad Day On Vulcan

One fine day back in the 1990’s, Leonard Nimoy wandered into the Artists’ Guild Gallery (then located above the NC Chamber of Commerce) and was so impressed with the exhibition that he became a member and offered prints of his … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, I was horrified when I opened the newspaper only to discover that someone had removed the “i’s” from the words in my comic strip! It was weird and kind of disturbing, but I shrugged it off as some … Continue reading

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The Rumor Mongered

Back in 1990, Dan O’Neill and I produced the first issue of The Wild Dog, a four-page supplement in the Nevada City alternative paper, Community Endeavor. The paper was commissioned and paid for by Duane Sandin to tell his story … Continue reading

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Stick It In Your Fatwa

Here’s a cartoon I did back in 2006. Sadly, things are far worse today.

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Gonzo Gone: In Memory Of HST

Ten years ago today, the infamous gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson took his own life. Many volumes have been written since then theorizing why Hunter chose to deprive the world of his twisted tales of the Death of the American … Continue reading

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Cartoonist Under Fire

Since the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, there have been numerous assaults on our proud profession and the freedom of expression. In the interest of bringing these atrocities to light, I am creating this new category where I will … Continue reading

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Free At Last

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When The Odds Are Just Too Odd…

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Merry Widows Mardi Gras 2015

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Joe Cain & The Merry Widows

See you at the parade!

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