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Which Future?

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Angel & Devil

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The Anthropomorphic Agenda

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Deep Doo-Doo

I may have mentioned here that I have been working on a graphic novel titled Scablands about my younger day adventures in Eastern Washington. Part of the story involves the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where the plutonium that leveled Nagasaki was … Continue reading

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A Roadskill Valentine

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State Of The (Local) Union

After watching the President’s speech last night, I decided to present my own observations on the state of the economy, at the local level. Over the weekend, I saw at least five individuals standing on the side of the road … Continue reading

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Obese Tuesday

Forget about the Pope retiring, the North Korean nuclear sabre-rattling, the State of the Union, the BIG news of the week is Rex Reed’s scathing review of the new movie,¬†Identity Thief¬† starring Melissa McCarthy, in which he describes the star … Continue reading

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Invaders From The 5th Dimension

In every mythology there is a character known as the trickster, a malevolent entity whose only reason for existing is to annoy and befuddle humanity. The Native Americans know him as coyote, the Romans called him Pan, and Christendom fears … Continue reading

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