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Angel & Devil211

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  1. Judith Lowry says:

    Too cute, Bob!
    The Angel looks familiar, who was your model?

  2. gregoryzaller says:

    I wonder what the caption was back in ’97.

    I interpret this cartoon to mean that we have both a devil and an angelic side. The devil side is angry at everything and the angelic side ignores anything unpleasant. The two don’t talk.

    Time for some equanimity.

  3. Brad Croul says:

    Angel vs. Devil (Eve vs. Adam, right vs. wrong, black vs. white); aka the “Great Divide”.

  4. San French says:

    What caught my eye was the guy walkin’ the dog (god, spelled backwards). What’s really going on here Mr. Crabb?

  5. Steve Enos says:

    From the limited information available in the piece it looks like the Devil was just sitting on a park bench and the Angle flew over and crapped on him. After doing so the Angle flys on with a smile on her face.

    What was the Angles intentions? Did the Angle do this on purpose or is she totally un aware of her actions? What, if anything led up to this?

    A guess we all see what we want to… or not.

  6. Steve Enos says:

    That should have been Angel vs. angle. But then again… what’s the angle of this piece?

    PS RL: nice piece in The Union today about the GVDTA kicking the local nonprofits out of the downtown, Thursday Night COMMUNITY Market.

    This senseless and way wrong move is already back firing on the GVDTA. I call it the GVDTA “Lazt Dog Effect” for those that know some history about how the GVDTA treated Lazy Dog Ice Cream and Way Yum Sushi in the past.

  7. rl crabb says:

    Thanks, Steve. The GV market thing just seems so strange. Were people not coming to the street fair because a few political booths? It wasn’t like there were hawkers yelling, “Come, get yer red hot politics over here!” If I didn’t want to talk to anyone about a particular issue, it was easy enough to walk by without being molested. It would actually be more in your face to have people wandering through the crowd handing out their propaganda. Also, I noticed last year the section of the fair on Main St. up to Church Street was virtually empty. So if you can’t fill all the spots, you’re going to eliminate willing vendors? And yeah, I do recall the battle cry of Lazy Dog. “Remember the ala mode!” (Ice cream humor.)

    • Steve Enos says:

      I fully agree Bob and did you visit the Cornish Christmas fests in GV this year? Also very thin, lot’s of empty spaces, a lot fewer vendors and less visitors too. I bet the Grass Valley Thursday COMMUNITY Market this year will end up filling empty areas on Main with classic cars because GVDTA must stop those non profits like the Rotary Duck Race folks from taking up all the spaces and screwing up the COMMUNITY Market.

      “The Lazy Dog Effect” was based on Lazy Dog selling ice cream drumsticks at the Market… really that was the basis for what the GVDTA did. But what is now called “Lazy Dog Karma” took care of it in the end, as Karma always does. In the end one of the GVDTA members behind the Lazy Dog debacle closed down his ice cream and candy shop on Mill and Lazy Dog recently opened up THE cool place to go to on Mill Street.

      Folks don’t get any nicer or more wonderful than Bob and Debbie “Lazy Dog”. Ben and the others at Lazy Dog are wonderful too. The Lazy Dog folks do a whole lot of nice stuff for our COMMUNITY and with/for many of those same nonprofits that are now banned from the downtown Grass Valley COMMUNITY Market. The Union ED Board covered it well today.

      So who does downtown Grass Valley really belong to? The GVDTA gets a fair amount of public funding from the City AKA “the COMMUNITY”. The GVDTA office is in a public (COMMUNITY), City building and the GVDTA is a non profit themselves, mostly focused on promoting the businesses on Main and Mill Steets. Will the GVDTA also ban their own non profit booth from the COMMUNITY Market?

      The other GVDTA “effect” is called the “Amgen Effect” That’s where you piss away a lot of taxpayers (COMMUNITY) money for 26.3 seconds of blurred return. Betting there are a number of those nice Grass Valley DTA Amgen water bottles still available.

      And let’s not forget the public/City (COMMUNITY) money pissed away on the downtown promotion IPhone “App”. What ever happend to that and the taxpayers (COMMUNITY) money that funded it? Maybe we call that “The Wizz Effect”.

      The taxpayers (COMMUNITY) have invested millions of dollars into downtown Grass Valley improvements. The COMMUNITY owns, maintains and repairs the downtown streets, sidewalks and public parking lots. And speaking of downtown parking lots…the City (COMMUNITY) provides and maintains a number of free, public parking lots in the downtown for folks that want to visit and spend money mostly along Main and Mill Streets. Mean time most of the Main and Mill St. businesses refuse to buy owner and employee City (COMMUNITY) parking permits to use the parking lots while at the same time wanting the City (COMMUNITY) to fund additional parking in downtown for their customers.

      I love downtown Grass Valley as many others do. Downtown is the arts and entertainment center of our COMMUNITY. Downtown is about COMMUNITY and the Market and fests in downtown are about COMMUNITY, not just promoting businesses on Main and Mill Streets.

      But in the long run… Lazy Dog Karma will prevail on the side of what is right for the entire COMMUNITY.

  8. Steve Enos says:

    Bob I get it!

    The clueless Angel is the GVDTA crapping on the Devil, which is the COMMUNITY nonprofits and others kicked out of the downtown Grass Valley COMMUNITY Market.

    It’s the… “Crabb Nostradamus Effect”, first visioned by RL in 1997!

    • rl crabb says:

      That may be a stretch, Steve, but I’ll take what I can get. Also, I wonder how welcome Amgen will be in California communities after the revelations they were getting special treatment from some Senators during the Fiscal Cliff debacle, and their role in the bike/drug business. Will there even be another Amgen race?

  9. TD Pittsford says:

    Well, R.L. that certainly wasn’t the caption on MY color copy of that panel. That one was a bit more expressive and certainly didn’t leave any room for interpretation!

  10. Robert Lovejoy says:

    That sweet blissful Angel needs to work on her manners. Or perhaps she was totally unaware of her actions. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe she was texting. Maybe her smile was the result of a nice satisfying smooth consistent movement. Or maybe she has a little devil in her. Appears Mr. Pitchfork is having a Murphy’s Law kind of day. At least the weather looks lovely and inviting.

  11. Don Baumgart says:

    Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster told the town’s City Council last fall that the U.S. Surgeon General has issued warnings about the dangers of secondhand cigarette smoke and urged them to ban outdoor smoking. While many reports on the Surgeon General’s web site discuss the dangers of secondhand smoke, few even touch on outdoor smoke. A Stanford University research team has done the first focused study on the subject. The researchers found that air quality outdoors improved as they moved away from the smoker. Big surprise. “These results show what common sense would suggest – when you’re within a few feet downwind of a smoker, you get exposed, but likewise, when you go a little farther away or stay upwind, the exposure goes way down. If there’s just one smoker, and you can sit six feet away, you would have little problem.” Instead of common sense the council was persuaded by Chief Foster to move toward a city-wide ban when six feet would do. GVDA gleefully jumped on the bandwagon, posting numerous “No Smoking” signs around town.

    • TD Pittsford says:

      I just saw a sign downtown N.C. stating that the streets were now a no smoking area. I guess neither councils in either city has much else to do.

    • Brad Croul says:

      Second hand smoke is like farts, the stuff won’t kill you from a six foot distance, but the person “exhaling” enjoys it a lot more than the passersby who inhale the fumes.

      • TD Pittsford says:

        I like your “fart” comment however I’ve known a few of them that were decidedly deadly. From personal experience with particularly “potent” attacks of flatulence, I’ve knocked birds from the sky, seen flowers wilt in my wake, and I even made the dog leave the room. Before you judge, c’mon admit it: I’ll bet at one time or another, you’ve woken yourself up from a sound sleep from the smell of a of a really good ripper? The real fun however, is in an elevator. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one. Next week our continuing our discussion will be on the subject of “Dutch Ovens.”

  12. Steve Enos says:

    One big issue is the tons of cigarette butts that are tossed all over historic downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City (everywhere else too). Having cigarette butt litter all over the place is not good for business or tourism or the environment. Plus it costs us a lot to clean up all the butts.

    Why do most all smokers feel it’s fine to toss their cigarette butts anywhere they want? It’s littering! Downtown Grass Valley gets covered in cigarette butts, mosty around the bars. But some want to rant about “smokers rights”?

    The GV and NC smoking free zones are their historic downtowns only and only on PUBLIC property in those areas. You should watch the tourists and shoppers try and deal with the smokers that hang out in front of Gary’s Bar on Mill. They take over the public sidewalk, the street corner and even the fronts of next door businesses. Some even fire up a joint while shoppers, kids and tourist use the street to get around them. Say anything to these folks and you most always get cuss words and insults in return.

    It’s more than “just” second hand smoke.

    Smokers rights?… bullshit! If smokers ever stop trashing our community with cigarette butts than they have earned the right to talk about “rights”.

  13. Judith Lowry says:

    “Why do most all smokers feel it’s fine to toss their cigarette butts anywhere they want?”

    On this point I must agree with Mr. Enos, it’s disgusting
    In Nevada City some partiers also toss their cookies.
    In doorways, on the sidewalk in, front of businesses, we are seeing too much of this.
    I have been making a photo log of the “splatter art”, our tourists are greeted by on their way to breakfast.
    Not appetizing.

  14. It’s hard to describe my feelings about the level of discourse on this blog. I can’t wait for the discussion of Dutch Ovens.

  15. Don Baumgart says:

    Judith – When, where do we get to see your “splatter art” collection?

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