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All The News That Gives You Fits

It’s been a typically confusing and exasperating week in the news biz. Dismayed Democrats are having to deal with the ongoing embarrassment of administration missteps and the return of dethroned “member” of Congress, Anthony Weiner to the political spotlight. Weiner … Continue reading

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Flower Power

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High School Madness

Here’s a little blast from the past by the Firesign Theatre. Holds up well after 40 years…

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It’s A Job

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The Second Term Curse

What is it about second terms that tends to upend the Presidency? It seems that no one is immune, at least for those who followed FDR’s unprecedented four terms. Truman had the Red Scare and the floundering Korean Conflict. Ike … Continue reading

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Loaded For Bear

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More Anesthetic, Please

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House For Sale

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Dakota Sid Clifford’s annual George C. Bendover celebration at his home, known as the Chaos Campground. (Still the best party in Nevada County, in my opinion.) Some of the area’s finest musicians were there, … Continue reading

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Pedestrian Humor

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Road Trip

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