High School Madness

Here’s a little blast from the past by the Firesign Theatre. Holds up well after 40 years…

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3 Responses to High School Madness

  1. TD Pittsford says:

    A bit of fun, that. I clicked on a few of the links at the end and found: http://www.radiofreeoz.com/ an online version of Firesign. (My spellchecker didn’t want to accept “Firesign”; wanted to put a bloody hyphen in there or make it two words.) In any case the video was sort of fun but could have been done better.

  2. San French says:

    Brings back strong memories of High St. and the fellas next door. I think we were all big FT fans. Thanks for the memories Bob!

  3. Greg Goodknight says:

    Shoes for Industry!

    Let us all bow our heads in memory of George Tirebiter, who died doing what he did best back in 1950.


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