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The Tipping Point

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Blame Comic Books

Comics have always been ahead of the curve in social evolution…

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The Door Is Open

While digging through a box of old strips, I came across this gem from ten years ago. My, how times have changed…

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US PLUS…We own the IDEA of America!!! Corporations rejoice at latest pork infusion from latest backroom trade agreement!

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What’s In A Flag?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have a confederate flag tucked away in my closet. It’s been hiding in there for the last forty-two years. Why? Why would I harbor that symbol of southern stubbornness and inbred … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Marvin Wilson Crabb – born October 28, 1918, passed on August 25, 2004. Veteran of the Great Depression, European and Pacific theaters of war. Lifelong union man at Purity Stores. Father to RL and Bill.

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One Less Bozo On The Bus

Phil Austin, who will be remembered by scores of baby boomers as Nick Danger and a founding member of the infamous Firesign Theatre, has passed away. I will always remember the first time I heard Don’t Crush That Dwarf on … Continue reading

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Who’s On First?

Back in 1982, cartoonist Dan O’Neill decided to run for a seat on the Nevada City city council. The problem was, people couldn’t tell us apart, a common problem among our kind. It was only natural that we would do … Continue reading

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Hair To The Throne

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“I Look All White But My Dad Was Black…”

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