Father’s Day

Marvin at work537Marvin Giants099Marvin Wilson Crabb – born October 28, 1918, passed on August 25, 2004. Veteran of the Great Depression, European and Pacific theaters of war. Lifelong union man at Purity Stores. Father to RL and Bill.

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  1. Kevin Collins says:

    Thanks for the memory of your Dad, Bob. He shared a lot in common with mine, who was born a year later than yours and passed away in 2003. He sailed gasoline tankers in WWII, in the engine rooms. It was dangerous duty. He was also a union man, dedicated to providing for his family, and a great Father. I never realized what a huge impact he had on my life until I was pushing 50. Now I reflect on his quiet example nearly every day.
    Whenever I would call him, the first thing he’d say is “Are you working?” The memory still makes me smile.
    Happy Fathers Day, Dads. We’ll always love you.

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