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On The Road (Again)

I’ve always had a soft spot for funny animals. When I was just a tadpole, my Aunt Greeta gave me a subscription to Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories, so my formative years were shaped by writer/artist Carl Barks’ wonderful adventures … Continue reading

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Amphibious Landing

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A Song For Mama Su.

Last summer, I did a series of illustrations for former Nevada City resident and NC planner Paul Cogley’s debut CD. Most of the songs were written about Paul’s experiences in NC, including one about our old favorite restaurant, Mama Su’s … Continue reading

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Just Another Day In Paradise

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Under Pressure

Within nanoseconds of the horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon, cable news went into overdrive to relay the events to the public. After four hours of running the same video loop of the explosions, (from every angle and in slow … Continue reading

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Jonathan Winters Has Left The Building

Jonathan Winters passed away today, leaving the world with one less voice of mirth and laughter. Although it is not widely remembered, Winters was a frequent visitor to Nevada City in the past. I never encountered him personally, but I … Continue reading

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Hail, Calitopia!

California politics have always been weird, but one of the strangest episodes was the Governor’s race in 1934. Upton Sinclair, author of The Jungle, decided to go mainstream in the newly revived New Deal Democratic Party after years of running … Continue reading

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Police Blotter 4/6/13 11:05 a.m. – A woman from the 200 block of Catherine Lane reported birds were mocking her; she said law enforcement was sending the birds to watch her. Is this another nefarious plot by Sheriff Royal to … Continue reading

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My Most Asked Question

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Nobody’s Fool

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