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Salman Rushdie

If Donald Trump did one worthwhile thing as president, it was calling out the scumbag ayatollahs in Tehran. Why anyone could believe these shitheads would honor any agreement or treaty is beyond my understanding. Bravery comes in many guises, the … Continue reading

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Grow v. Staid

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Underground Railroad 2022

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Tick Or Treat

What?Another tax? It doesn’t appear as ridiculous when you consider we’ve had at least six fires in our county in the last month. Fortunately, all of them were contained, but with the fuel loads around here it’s just a matter … Continue reading

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Where Are They?

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Yankee Doodle Went To Town Riding In A Tank

People who know me, I mean really know me, know that I am hardly an advocate for Marxism. In countless cartoons and writings I’ve lampooned and derided the leftward slide of progressive America and the woke cultural revolution. By the … Continue reading

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Truck Off

I have nothing against unions. I used to be in one a long time ago in a factory far, far away. But I also believe we have a right to work outside of unions and companies, if I have have … Continue reading

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Return To Those Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear

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Newsom Realty

First off, Ron Desantis is an idiot. Florida’s war on gays and Disney only prove than Republican claims that they want to get government off your back is just more horseshit lies. Having said that, our governor doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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Economizing Your Vote

Just when you thought rabid right Nevada County had been consigned to a humiliating defeat in the June primary, a savior from the southland appears to set us straight.  It remains to be seen what malarkey Randy Economy has been … Continue reading

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