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Scratch My Back Or I’ll Stab Yours

No one at the White House ever gets the chance to fall on his own sword. Your colleagues and “brothers” will beat you to it.

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Believe What I Say Now, Not What I Said Then…

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You’re Fired

Once again, the two-faced lying President who vowed to protect the rights of all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, shows his true colors. Who will he turn on next?

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The Art Of The Deal

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Fire @ Burgee Dave’s

I’ve been reading the autobiography of William Bull Meek (He of E Clampus Vitus fame) and his accounts of fires that destroyed most of Camptonville in times past. Through it all, I marveled that the historic Mayo building has survived … Continue reading

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Such A Cute Little Town

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We Needs More Housings!!! (For Mel & Julie)

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Getting There Is Half The Fun

Buses, being an integral part of the socialist restructuring of civilization, will soon be running to the Yuba River on Highway 49. Amazingly though, this service will be a commercial rather than public enterprise, without subsides and bureaucracy. It will … Continue reading

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Nurses Gone Wild

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