Fire @ Burgee Dave’s

I’ve been reading the autobiography of William Bull Meek (He of E Clampus Vitus fame) and his accounts of fires that destroyed most of Camptonville in times past. Through it all, I marveled that the historic Mayo building has survived the carnage to become the home of the legendary Burgee Dave’s restaurant.

But, to my horror, I read today that the evil flames finally caught up with the old building. It looks as if they will be able to save the structure, and the able crew is serving up BBQ and their famous Bloody Marys on the outdoor deck.

We wish Brian and Sandi all the best in their efforts to recover from this disaster.

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3 Responses to Fire @ Burgee Dave’s

  1. Base says:

    Omg! I can’t believe that this happened! Praying everyone is okay

  2. Janet Kampf says:

    My heart is breaking for Brian and Sandy. They pour their heart and soul into this place . it is so fun, delicious and unique Praying for a quick recovery with minimal financially devisation.

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