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The Circle Is Complete

As I have mentioned here before, I moved to Atlanta back in 1972. It was like a foreign country. Everything was strange and unfamiliar, until I wandered into a head shop on Peachtree Street, the Haight-Ashbury of Atlanta, and saw … Continue reading

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The Check’s In The Mail, Somewhere

A true story. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get misdirected mail. My PO Box is no better. A few years ago I had to have my paycheck sent twice because it didn’t arrive as usual. Months later … Continue reading

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Gerrymandering 101.2

I would be remiss in neglecting at least one contorted Democratic district. Here’s Maryland’s 3rd Congressional… Maryland uses the binge drinking method to establish their boundaries…

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Gerrymandering 101

Republican Dan Crenshaw’s Texas congressional district… Also known as the “Houston Sidewinder…

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Grin & Bear It

One of the many differences between this year’s impending recall election and the election of 2003 is economic. Yes, many businesses have suffered through the pandemic and its off-and-on-and-off-again restrictions, but this time the state coffers are overflowing with tech … Continue reading

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I picked the wrong year to build a shed for my lawnmower…

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Who’s Your Daddy?

We just can’t get out of that red tier. Who keeps spreading this damn virus?

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Who’s Next?

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