The Check’s In The Mail, Somewhere

A true story. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get misdirected mail. My PO Box is no better. A few years ago I had to have my paycheck sent twice because it didn’t arrive as usual. Months later the first check showed up. It had been sitting in the box next to mine the entire time.

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Bob, as long as we’re busy fighting each other we can’t focus on making our country GREAT (like delivering the mail correctly, which we used to do to a T).
    I purposely didn’t add the “again” part because that’s just silly Nazi propaganda and won’t make us great, or do it “again” whenever fever dream that was. More understanding of the long arc of history, less rhetorical sloganeering in the virtual public square please dear citizens, thanks in advance.

  2. When a check from The Union failed to arrive a couple of years ago, I requested a new one. The new check arrived a couple of days before the original. The original ended up in an unincorporated suburb of Eureka, and it took them a whole month to send it to our then Auburn mailing address.

    At our new home on Banner Mountain, the mail arrives anywhere from 2 p.m. to after dark. I don’t even bother to check anymore. Since we have a locked mail box, I get it in the morning when I get the papers.

    But here’s something interesting: The PO delivers packages on time 90% of the time, better than UPS or FexEx. Apparently they’re more interested in delivering packages.

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