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Duffy’s Alley

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Bern, Baby, Bern

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Creative Solution No. 802701

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Bizarro World

In the Bizarro World, cheap gas is a bad thing…

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You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

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The Royal Flush

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media since Sheriff Keith Royal and the Board of Stuporvisors railroaded a draconian approach to the invasive marijuana culture onto the June ballot. Hundreds of amateur pharmacists have seen their livelihood threatened, … Continue reading

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A Nevada County Family Tradition

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Sweet Sixteen

Two-thousand sixteen! It’s finally here, and it promises to be one of those “interesting times” the Chinese warned us about. Anyone who is half conscious knows that there is a notably different vibe this time around. The inmates are finally … Continue reading

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Cover I did for Goldmine Magazine, featuring David Bowie as the Diamond Dog. I wore that album out. We’ll miss you, Ziggy.

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