Duffy’s Alley

Duffy toon 553

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  1. Question from a short timer: Where exactly is Duffy’s Alley? I assume there’s no longer any public access.

  2. F. Jimez says:

    All totaled, I probably smoked VW bus full of bud, by myself in that alley. Breaktime!

  3. rl crabb says:

    The story keeps changing. Gilbert Dominguez talked to the new owners who then claimed that the alley was the victim of liability insurance. Now the closure is just “temporary” until the construction is finished. Well, which is it?

  4. steve cottrell says:

    I’m no land-use lawyer, but isn’t this a case of blocking a prescriptive easement that has been used by the public without objection for several decades? Actually, probably more than a century.

    And since it’s an exterior alteration inside the Historical. District, it would need to be OK’d by the planning commission and/or city council. Can’t imagine either body would support that gate. (Especially any council member thinking of running for reelection).

    It sure doesn’t look like a temporary gate installed for safety reasons during renovation of the building. I could be wrong, (and I hope I am), but from a distance of 2,800 miles it looks like an expensive, permanent gate.

    • Michael Anderson says:

      I took a close look at the gate a few days ago. It’s an expensive gate and it is built to be a permanent installation. That’s what’s facing Broad Street. Interestingly enough, the gate is hanging on some old iron loops that are built into the brick in the building that is now occupied by Maiden Lane. They appear to have been installed with the original brick, probably a very long time ago. Was there ever a gate there before that anyone can remember?

      In the back, at the Spring Street entrance, it’s a construction cyclone fence with demolition debris still strewn about. Maybe when that gets cleaned up they will reopen the alley. I have heard through the grapevine that the city has no interest in defending/preserving the alley as an easement, or doing a lot split to take city ownership. Again, this is due to the liability. There have indeed been anecdotal reports of crime and nuisance issues in the alley, but it would be good to get real data on that aspect of this issue.

  5. Scoopy forgot to mention that the saloon is featured on the cover of his “magazine” and purchased advertising in the same issue. What a coincidence!

    So podunish.

  6. rl crabb says:

    Mr. “only the facts, ma’am” Scoopy’s latest comment claims that I am “70+” years old. News to me, but the truth has never been his strong suit. And yes, I called him an asshole on Facebook. If I’m 70+, then he must be a 60+ asshole. “The voice of youth” in Nevada City. Hardy har har.

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Figure Scoopy is 56 or 57 based on his intent to attend his 35th reunion this year, celebrating his graduation from the Best Public University in the Nation, his Man bites Hot Dog story of the week… Cal has had that spot for years in the ratings sheets.

  7. Compromise. Gates open only when business is open. Videocams either end, live feed to PD, a couple of doors up the hill. Takeout window in the middle.

    • rl crabb says:

      Trap door leading to subterranean water slide that deposits you on the Barbary Coast where you are shanghaied to China and forced to work in sweatshop making cheap jockstraps.

  8. rl crabb says:

    This post on Facebook generated 125 likes, 20 shares and well over one hundred comments, mostly supportive. Gee whiz, Scoopy, are they all “sock puppets” because they don’t follow your little blog?

  9. Scoopy appears to be upset that outsiders–some from as far away as Lake of the Pines–are meddling in a matter involving one of his Nevada City advertisers.

    But apparently it was okay for Scoopy to meddle in the District 3 supervisors race when Dan Miller ousted one of his favs, criticizing the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce for failing to remove a sign promoting Miller’s candidacy from a building it doesn’t own.

    I believe there’s a double standard at work here.

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