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You Can’t Spell ‘Arthritis’ Without ART!

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Ankylosing Spondylitis (Say that three times real fast!)

One morning in 1983 I woke up in terrible pain. I found that I could not sit up, and the only way I could get out of bed was to roll out onto the floor and pull myself up with … Continue reading

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If Nominated, I Will Not Run. If Elected, I Will Not Serve.

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Grazing Rights

With all the hubbub over the Bundy fiasco, it’s worth noting on this Earth Day that grazing rights are not a new issue. This is a page from my graphic novel Scablands. The scene depicts an actual encounter that took … Continue reading

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Foiled Again

Have I run this one already? I’m so confused. The ringing in my ears is drowning out the voices in my head.

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Arthur Mommi was a legend in the Nevada County music scene of the nineteen sixties and seventies. I first met him when we were seated next to each other in the baritone section of the high school band. He was … Continue reading

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In Defense Of Whiteness

I’ve noticed that in many posts and articles scattered around the internet, “white men” are regularly singled out as the source of all evil on Planet Earth. Being a white man myself, (and harboring the added baggage of being an … Continue reading

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My Life With The Squirrels – Conclusion

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My Life With The Squirrels – Part Three

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My Life With The Squirrels – Part Two

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