A Song For Mama Su.

Mama Susign097Last summer, I did a series of illustrations for former Nevada City resident and NC planner Paul Cogley’s debut CD. Most of the songs were written about Paul’s experiences in NC, including one about our old favorite restaurant, Mama Su’s Squeeze Inn. As reported here before, Su is no longer with us, but her spirit lives on. Here’s a link to Paul’s live version of the song on Youtube, recorded at the Nevada Theatre. Paul’s website – http://paulcogley.com/



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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Sorry to hear about the passing of such a good friend. My memories of her bring on a flood of good times; at the Boulder house, the trailer up in Washington, the pains-taking hours you spent on the sign, the gang sitting for breakfast every morning, different people every day but still somehow family, the half dollar glued to the floor, (which strangely illustrated Sue’s character), and the warm feeling one got each and every time you stepped into the Squeeze Inn.

    It was truly an oasis of sanity in a town gone wild, and I thank her for every minute of it.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Oh, and though her salsa was her signature recipe, for me it was her breakfast taters. No matter what I ordered to go with them, I still couldn’t wait for those taters. Such a simple recipe that I have tried a million times to replicate, but something’s always missing; Mama Sue’s touch.

    • TD Pittsford says:

      Su’s iconic sense of humor was never better illustrated than the sign in the front window that read: “No more tickets. Don’t even ask.” Of course how can we forget the mustard and ketchup squeeze bottles which “squirted” yellow or red strings at an unsuspecting victim.

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