One Less Bozo On The Bus

firesign_dontcrushthatdwarfPhil Austin, who will be remembered by scores of baby boomers as Nick Danger and a founding member of the infamous Firesign Theatre, has passed away. I will always remember the first time I heard Don’t Crush That Dwarf on a cheap transistor radio in my apartment in Nevada City in 1970. It was dark, because I couldn’t afford electricity, so I laid there not believing what I was hearing. It was a revelation. In my opinion, Dwarf, and their next album We’re All Bozos On This Bus were to comedy what Sgt. Pepper was to rock’n’roll. He will be missed…

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  1. Steven Frisch says:

    I bet you were a Congress of Wonders fan too!

  2. rlcrabb says:

    I’m not as familiar with the Congress stuff. I was a Firesign fanatic up until the eighties, when they started to self-censor their material in what I assume was an effort to get more radio play. I got to see them live in Berkeley in the nineties, but they didn’t do any new material, so it was a bit like seeing an oldies band. The last recording that I really liked was their pre-millennium record, “Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death.” Phil Austin was brilliant as new age pop psychologist Dr. Winquedinque. It was so like all the pseudo-psycho analysis you hear on the radio these days.

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