The Tipping Point

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  1. george rebane says:

    Jo Ann and I reached such a tipping point in 2002 when we rented a very large ‘dumpster’ that was parked in our driveway for about three weeks. A good third of 35 years of stuff was deposited there. Having such a receptacle handy was a blessing for resolving the usual ‘triaging’ problem – keep, donate, decide later, dump it. Once in the dumpster the item suddenly quit weighing on us, and we were free to think of other things. We now recommend it to our friends who, sadly, are leaving or have already left Nevada County because there is no suitable community of downsized homes to welcome people who are ready to give up their acres.

  2. Don Baumgart says:

    I just moved and the process required that I pick up every single item I owned and decide to store, dump or move it. Now, a month later, everything I currently need is either in a storage unit or a Nevada landfill.

  3. While the Baumgart outcome is certainly plausible, I prefer the Rebane approach.

    When it became time to move my parents out of the home they occupied for 35 years, I was astounded by the among of junk they never threw out. As I worked my way through their stuff, I vowed I would never do that to my daughter.

    I’ve been considering the Rebane approach for several years. His experience inspires me to take action.

  4. rlcrabb says:

    We’re almost there. We had to stop buying knick knacks because most of them are already in boxes. And I have to walk by bookstores, if I go in I HAVE to buy something that I probably won’t get around to reading.

  5. Cathy Chmel says:

    Most everything I kept is still boxed up in my mom’s garage in So. Cal. When I eventually make it back to NC, I’m hoping my SUV will hold everything that in reality I really need! (I might need a small trailer for my shoes, though….)

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