On Tuesday, I was horrified when I opened the newspaper only to discover that someone had removed the “i’s” from the words in my comic strip! It was weird and kind of disturbing, but I shrugged it off as some kind of printing glitch. That is, until I noticed that THE VERY SAME THING happened to fellow Union cartoonist John Carr’s ‘toon in Wednesday’s edition. WHY?!!! And why only the “i’s”?! Then it dawned on me…ISIS!!! It was their SIGNATURE! They are killing us cartoonists, one letter at a time…


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2 Responses to CONSPIRACY?!

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Damn terror sts. s s sucks!

    ‘d be careful f were you.

  2. Here’s something you should really worry about: Art Spiegelman has been made a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

    Cartoonists are becoming too respectable for their own good.

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