We’re All Cornish On St. Piran’s Day

Cornish One445Last week I received a phonecall from Eleanor Kinitzer, asking if I planned to attend this year’s St. Piran’s Day celebration at city hall in Grass Valley. I assured her that I always attend, being a descendent of Cornish immigrants myself. Eleanor (who is the musical director of the Cornish Choir) told me that I was to be recognized for my humorous contributions to local Cornish lore, which amounts to a few cartoons in The Union. 

I didn’t know what to expect really, and was quite shocked when local historian/author Gage McKinney announced that a new plaque was being prepared (and unfortunately not in time for the event) that would honor those individuals who kept the Cornish headlamp shining in Grass Valley. This plaque would hang proudly in city hall, and the first name on it would be RL Crabb.

It was a totally unexpected honor. Considering the accomplishments of other community members, I would count myself as a minor footnote in local Cornish history, but there it is.

The rest of the morning’s festivities included the annual pasty toss, where the mayors of Grass Valley and Nevada City hurl kibble-filled pasties onto a makeshift Cornish flag. Whoever gets closest to the center of the white cross gets to display the trophy for the next year, and the town dogs devour the evidence.

Cornish Dog446This year, Grass Valley mayor Dan Miller reclaimed the honor for Grass Valley, defeating Nevada City Mayor Sally Harris.

(Photos by Mary Ann Crabb)

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19 Responses to We’re All Cornish On St. Piran’s Day

  1. Greg Goodknight says:


  2. Well deserved Bob, congratulations!

  3. Cathy Chmel says:

    Congratulations, Bob! Your Cornish ancestors will be proud.

  4. Terry Pittsford says:

    I’d like to add my congratulations, Bob. So when do they bestow a Knighthood upon your esteemed person?

  5. steve cottrell says:

    Some important recognition goes to people who least expect it. Good for you –– and good for folks like Eleanor and Gage who were involved in making the decision.

    Next, maybe a MacArthur Grant so you can finally finish –– and publish –– your illustrated autobiography?

  6. stevefrisch says:

    Congratulations Bob, well deserved recognition.

  7. Chris Peterson says:

    Well deserved, Bob.

    Is there a Derelict Day? ‘Cause I could totally get my name on that one.

  8. San French says:

    Good Lord Bob, from High St. to City Hall in just forty short years. A just recognition for a dandy home boy…who got sucked back home. Congratulations son.

    Your Friend,

  9. I find it sort of odd that our most shrewd local observer–a fellow who doesn’t have a tin ear–has been honored with a tin plaque.

    The bar has been set high for future recipients. Congratulations.

  10. Congratulations Bob! We’ve all enjoyed your wonderful political cartoons for many years. You definitely earned an immortal spot in City Hall.

  11. Brian Hamilton says:

    Congrats Bob. Certainly glad to see folks recognizing you for the local treasure you are. We are so fortunate to have your talent and wit at work for our community. You know how much I look forward to seeing your latest creations each week.
    And thanks for joining the Ink-Stained Wretches! Glad to have you aboard.

  12. PeteK says:

    Congrats Bob! and it didn’t take an act of Congress to get you the recognition..

    • rlcrabb says:

      Thanks for the great coverage in the paper, Brian. A few years ago, I received the Mayor’s Award from Mark Johnson in Grass Valley. The editor at that time didn’t find it worthy of any mention at all.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        Mayor’s Award to RL Crabb on the agenda of
        7:00 P. M., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2008

        Jeff Pelline was editor from 2007 to 2009. Give me a minute to think… cue the Final Jeopardy theme.

      • mark Johnson says:

        We are lucky to have you and your ability to summarize the craziness of our community in a few square panels. I have been skewered by you a few times. Thank you for your keen insight to our local political scene. The Mayor’s award was a small token to your many contributions to our community.

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