Can’t Pass A Water Bond? Here’s A Solution…

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6 Responses to Can’t Pass A Water Bond? Here’s A Solution…

  1. Terry Pittsford says:

    You know, I think it’s a good idea to hold our sometimes-esteemed politicians hostage in order for them to do their jobs, instead of them holding the population hostage to their ridiculous whims and arrogant fancies. It won’t happen of course but it’s nice to dream.

  2. Greg Goodknight says:

    The last I looked, California Dems have supermajorites in the legislature and a goobernor from the same party, not a DINO equivalent to the last Republican in that office.

    So, what’s the problem?

    • rlcrabb says:

      Some of those Dems are currently in the Phantom Zone for criminal activities. I believe they need one or two Repubbys to get the thing done.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        Democratic legislators on ice? Whoda thunk it?

        It seems to get Republican *and* Central Valley Democratic votes (both were apparently holding out) it appears they had to actually include significant funding, about a third, for water storage projects; given the state’s biggest problem being not enough storage, one might wonder why Dems weren’t on board with that in the first place.

        It’s still primarily pork.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    Madison, as Publius in Federalist Paper #48, observed that since the legislative branch holds the purse strings of the other two branches, they have a tendency to focus too much on controlling executive and judicial actions rather than doing their own designated function.

    I don’t know about the CA assembly, but it’s certainly evident on the federal level.

  4. Something like that was tried several years ago when Jesse Unruh was speaker of the state Assembly. They wouldn’t pass a budget, so he called everybody into session, had the doors of the Assembly chamber locked, and kept everybody there until they got the job done.

    Not even bathroom breaks were allowed. Members had to pee in the waste baskets (there weren’t any women in the Assembly in those days), but Jesse got his budget.

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