Clouds On The Eastern Front

Attorney-Generalissimo Jeff Sessions has promised to upend the lax drug policies of the last administration. It remains to be seen how he will handle the states that have voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

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2 Responses to Clouds On The Eastern Front

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    As nice as it is to hear bi-partisan banter aimed at rolling back some of Session’s draconian way-back-machine efforts to lock up those who have, more or less, become average moral citizens by today’s norms, how many times have we witnessed such rhetoric, only to find out that it was merely a trick to get those in a particular industry to up their donations.
    Incarceration is still a big business, with huge state and federal contracts, and while it may have suffered under the Obama administration, the money’s still there. In the south of Sessions’ youth, prisons and work camps were the new slavery, and it remains a vital part of many a bankrupt county’s workforce, down in ol’ Dixie.
    Not to mention, the article barely touches on the House, and how any such “progressive” legislation has a snowball’s chance of ever leaving there alive. I can only imagine every conservative member jumping on the phone and wailing, “Do y’all see what they’re trying to do to you? Give me a few thousand and I’ll fight the good fight for you.”
    No, the only way to fight Sessions’ is the same way to fight Trump; remove them before their blatant ignorance rolls back a hundred years in political and social evolution.

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