Every year, a few deluded souls take the plunge, believing they can beat the undertow, the rapids and the freezing cold water. They always lose.

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3 Responses to Anti-lifeguard

  1. rl crabb says:

    Already one casualty at the 49 bridge. Stupid is as stupid drowns…

    • Judith Lowry says:

      Only 23.
      It appears this young man thought he could surf the river on his boogie board.
      My brother drowned in the Rogue having made a similar uncalculated decision to enter a raging river.
      That got me to thinking about a stretch of the De Schutes River in Bend that caused drownings over the years.
      It has now undergone extensive reworking towards safety and recreation. Presently, you can actually take your board to the river and surf safely.
      So sorry for this latest young man and his family, condolences.

  2. L.A. Times reports three people drowned and 24 were rescued from the Kern River over the holiday weekend, but Sacramento managed to scare a lot of people away from the rivers during the same period. There is always a chance people will wise up.

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