Third Time’s A Charm?

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Tricked And Treated

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Equal Time

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Morning Scribble 10/6/22

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Burning Money

Why another tax? Well, even though Nevada County is spending a ton of money, along with state and federal support, the battle against nature never ends. Go look at the fire breaks from just a few years ago and you’ll see that the brush and weeds are already making a comeback.

It’s the new reality of California living. Don’t like it?

Well, you could move to Florida.

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Next They’ll Be Taking Our Jobs

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I had to do a last minute edit after Gov. Newsom agreed to debate Brian Dahle.

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Hoping For A Soft Landing

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Marching Into History

I’m proud to be a part of this wacky group of presidents-for-a-day.

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Reddy Or Not

It was twenty-two years ago that I experienced my first rolling blackout. I was visiting friends in Mt. Shasta when the power suddenly went out.

I remember thinking, well, this is weird.

All these years later it’s only worse. Can any sane person tell me how these problems could not be solved over the span of a generation?

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