Happy New Year, Jeff & Bruce

Here’s a comment from Jeff Pelline’s blog, where he constantly decries the lack of civility in our online conversations. The subject is the rude comments directed at Union columnist Hilary Hodge. Can you say “irony?”…

“I sympathize with Hilary Hodge really. She’s the only non-diseased contributor to the Tea Party Gazette as far as I can see. The problem is the venue. Most people I know with a functioning brain or conscience wouldn’t touch or engage The Union with latex gloves. They are the excreta of journalism. Hilary, you’re in the wrong place to be effective. These are diseased people who enjoy their misogyny. No cure, no treatment, and especially, no shame. They are still and inevitably circling the drain they are richly destined for, thank God. ”      -Bruce Levy

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