Nevada State Of Mind

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  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    For those old enough to remember rotary dial phones, “just off the west/left side of the burning map of the Ponderosa Ranch in the old Bonanza TV series” seems to get some traction.

    So does “we’re the No Name City” in the movie and musical “Paint Your Wagon” but that risks triggering dangerous and debilitating memories of Clint Eastwood’s singing.

    • Judith Lowry says:

      ” . . . risks triggering dangerous and debilitating memories of Clint Eastwood’s singing.”
      Yeah but, there is so much consolation in considering everything else about that gorgeous hunk of man-flesh.

  2. Oh, come on Greg. Clint did a real good job singing ‘I Talk to the Trees’, he sounded just like miner who spent most of his life talking to the trees, instead of voice lessons. And his pal Lee Marvin did an awesome job with throwing in his baritone.

    But back to Bob’s point, I have had countless conversations like the one illustrated since moving into this beautiful backwoods retreat. There is no known cure for it.

  3. TD Pittsford says:

    And then there are those wondering where the hell Cherokee, CA 95959 may be.

    • Robert Lovejoy says:

      Nevada City? Oh, that is just a stone’s throw from Black Rock City, Nevada, home of the Altar of the Burnt Man. The only difference is Nevada City has a couple of laundry mats and residents of Nevada City have been tripping much longer than 4 days.

  4. Judith Lowry says:

    “ . . . just off the west/left side of the burning map . . .”
    Burning map, burning man, burning map, burning man . . . Oh wow, prescience, what a trip!

  5. Russ Steele says:

    At the anti-Cap and Trade Rally a young woman intern was collecting petitions against Prop 30, the Governors Tax Initiative and she asked where we were from. I said Nevada City. I guess you cannot sign the petition being from Nevada, she said. This Intern was getting a Masters Degree from the University of San Francisco in Political Science, but knew little of the states geography.

    As RV’ers Ellen and I travel all across the county and run in to this problem time and time again. We tell the story about Nevada City being Nevada before the state was created, and once it was the locals has to add City to the name to distinguish the difference. Most people we meet in Europe, New Zealand and Australia have no idea how big California is, they only know about Los Angles, Hollywood and Las Vegas.

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