The Old Switcheroo

This is the first draft of the proposed congressional redistricting. Looks like we’ll lose Doug LaMalfa and gain Tom McClintock.

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Don’t worry. Be happy. Stay out of harm’s way.
    My money is on the USA going the way of the USSR after the 2024 election. Not because of Trump. Not because of Clinton/Obama/Biden ghosts. Not because of CRT, or 1/6, or vaccine chips, or inflation, or illegal immigration, or Gazprom, or Facebook, or processed food, or Oath Keepers, or The View.
    Maybe our founding organizational documents are no longer serving us?

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Can’t see that happening. As an example; of late there were several school board meetings here in Oregon where the Poor Boys, another small group, and individuals from across the region came to disrupt the proceedings, none, if any, of which actually were members of the community they were disrupting. Matter of fact, in their own districts, they number in single digits vs the thousands of parents of school-age children whose lives they seek to upend and invalidate.

      This is no major grassroots movement; this is the idiotic and ignorant among us who are emboldened by the asinine rhetoric of political leaders that seek the top headline of the day by instigating anti-social behavior.

      By far, the majority of citizens from both parties condemn this behavior when asked individually. Only in the limelight of a media story or poll does any of this resonate in the general public, when citizens choose their “team” over their principles.

      People at these and other governmental meetings should be asked to show their IDs at the door and if they’re from out of town, denied entrance. There are easy ways to combat the impetus of the ignorant on our way of life and if push comes to shove, let the will of the majority prevail. Speak your mind, if you have a vested interest in a meeting of YOUR children, but do it in a socially acceptable manner or get the fuck out.

      The overwhelming majority, across all lines, agree on most of the major issues before us to the 70, 80, and 90th percentile, and it’s time we kicked the ignorant and noisy 10% to the curb and get on with it. But I refuse to believe that the small-minded among us can, or will, take this nation down.

      • rlcrabb says:

        Whether the silent majority rejects violence or not isn’t the issue. The psycho right believes their Fort Sumter day will arrive and the people will embrace their heroic effort. Many of those involved in the January insurrection probably hoped they’d be gunned down to trigger the revolution and their martyrdom.
        It could get real messy for a few years, even if it’s doomed to fail.
        Another scenario would involve the Republicans taking Congress next year, followed by a Trump victory in ’24.
        What if the next insurrection comes from the other side?

      • Michael Anderson says:

        Chris, I hope you’re right. I really do. And I agree with your assessment that Americans of all political stripes have more in common than differences.
        I’m still worried, however, about a small brush fire suddenly getting into some really dry fuel, coupled with an out of the blue tempest, and then all hell breaking loose.
        The historical precedents are all too rife; only eternal vigilance preserves our quality of life!

        • Chris Peterson says:

          Interesting read and hopefully not a foretelling of things to come. The Democratic Party needs yo either campaign against such actions by pushing hard on patriotic buttons now to get ahead of it, or snuff it out now while they still have some power.
          Unfortunately, neither scenario plays into Biden’s or Garland’s wheelhouse.
          If the trumpers take the House, hold onto your hats, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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