Inept vs. Insane: Advising the Enemy

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the media lately. In almost every newspaper and blog, Democrats are openly advising the GOP how to avoid getting blown out in the November election. What’s up with that?

Now I know that the Dems are traditionally the party of the downtrodden and voiceless, but giving the Repubby’s pointers on how to win elections? It’s like FDR writing to Hitler and saying, “You know, you really should beef up your defenses in Normandy.”

It’s not like they have to worry about conservatives suddenly seeing the light and endorsing  free gay abortions in the military or anything like it. The Grand Old Party is sticking to its guns, literally, and will do so at least until Thanksgiving, when they’ll either be very thankful or full of stuffing and sitting on a plate. They still own everything east of Sparks to the Ohio Valley and below the Mason-Dixon line, so don’t count them out completely.The turkey may yet gobble.

In California, it’s a different story. Out here the dwindling herd of endangered Repubby’s grumble, write editorials and watch the Democrats transform the state into Californitopia.

And that’s what some Dems are openly afraid of. They’re counting on a good many things going their way, like solar power, tunneling under the delta, high speed rail, cap and trade, and more taxes. If the money doesn’t magically appear, they’ll be forced to slash even more services and there won’t be any Republicans around to blame it on.

They’re counting on lots of income taxes from new rich technokids and the companies they work for, but there’s a reason the new Apple headquarters is configured like a spaceship. It is a spaceship, and when the burden gets too heavy they’ll take off and hover just outside the 200 mile limit. They already do it with their money.

There are some Democrats who understand that unleashing a legislature that already writes hundreds of crazy bills a year and giving them a veto proof majority might not be in their best interests. Even laid back Californians will only put up with so much. 


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8 Responses to Inept vs. Insane: Advising the Enemy

  1. gregoryzaller says:

    Sadly, this is profoundly humorous.

  2. Greg Goodknight says:

    Just don’t throw me into that briar patch!

    California legislators are having fun-fun-fun spending but daddy will eventually be taking the T-bird away. In our case, the house of cards will quickly fold after the November elections if Californians don’t approve big tax increases to keep the public employee pensions and payroll afloat. Especially if R’s keep the House and gain either the Senate or Presidency, or both; there won’t be a lifeline to the Sacramento Spenders from the GOP.

  3. TD Pittsford says:

    Quite frankly neither party is qualified to lead this state out of increasing insolvency. We certainly can’t take much more of Jerry Brown and his irresponsible pandering to unions and the children of illegal aliens whom he would offer grant money when our own children can’t afford the rise in educational costs. As with our nation the two parties are so busy pointing fingers of blame at one another and finding ways to denigrate one another that they have forgotten how to do the jobs for which they were elected, that is to SERVE the public rather than themselves. We need people leading this state who will represent our population instead of the all-to-plentiful special interests. Alas that’s just wistful thinking because there apparently aren’t enough Californians capable of thinking for themselves or even have a clue (or just plain don’t care) as to what’s really happening to our state and for that matter, the entire country. Until enough Americans get fed up with this endless back-and-forth game of political ping-pong and realize that the two party system has decayed beyond recognition, having strayed so far from what our founding fathers had in mind, nothing will change and we will continue our increasingly hasty decline into 3rd world status. I wonder if the citizens of Rome felt this way just few years before 476 AD?

    • TD Pittsford says:

      As an addendum didn’t the media begin publishing speculations of what methods terrorists could mount another attack right after 9/11? Talk about Advising the Enemy.

    • Michael Anderson says:


      I think the problem we call the two-party system is just a symptom, not the malady itself. The malady is the US Constitution, specifically the Articles. Too hard to adjust in accordance with the times, originally designed for a specific small population of people living in Colonial America when steam engines were the iPad of their day.

      The amendments tacked on at the end, aka the Bill of Rights, is much more resilient and has served us fairly well. But there are some malodorous items in the Articles that the amendment process will never be able to fix due to entrenched interests. Organized crime systems that provide health and welfare unequally to specific and substantial segments of the population are almost impossible to reform. Look at what is happening in Syria now, a perfect example of a patronage system gone cruelly and horribly foul.

      The USA will hit that wall sooner or later–and at that point it will either reform, or go the way of fallen empire like what happened to the USSR.

      And then we’ll go build something else, which will probably be a much better system. Creative destruction at work, and all to the good.

      Michael A.

      • John Stoos says:


        Be careful what you wish for: Those articles were the results of much labor and the reflection on thousands of years of human government by men who rightly understood the Biblical view of the world and man.

        There were reasons that they limited the power of the Federal government and even divided the power they gave them between three branches.

        We have enjoyed two hundred years of liberty and prosperity as a result of their wisdom and to throw it away would not improve our lot.

        And as a final thought with the Florida case making ALL the news today, the one place where the strongest Christians were NOT able to prevail was on the issue of race and sadly we paid dearly for this with a deadly civil war and racial strife that conitues to our day.

        Just some food for thought!


      • Greg Goodknight says:

        No, Mike, the problem is that the Feds have managed to expand beyond the dreams of political Avarice by ignoring the Constitution.

        An “original intent” reading of the Commerce Clause would fix much of what ails us.

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