The Curse of 2020?

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  1. RL Crabb says:

    Looks like the comments are back. Keep your pixels crossed.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    It’s pixels at ten paces.

  3. RL Crabb you are a writer. How fast can you churn out something so elegant? You have been holding out on me.

    Anyway, I was in the Bay Area growing up in the time of the Black Panthers, SDS, Patty Hearst, Jim Jones, Etc. I skiddadled up to to Humboldt County at the time others came up this way.

    Humboldt had its own “extraction industry” culture of logging & fishing. It was as agricultural as this place at the time. Probably more so.

    It got exciting at times, as environmentalists and extraction industry executives learned, over time, how to play nice in that small community. But learn, we did. Both “factions” eventually benefited from having to create something new.

    I never thought I would live in another place as beautiful as Humboldt. This place is pretty close,though, and tied into a more robust economy, just down the hill, that is easier to get to, if necessary

    Let’s count our lucky stars about what we have … as long as fire does not end the dream.

    This election year, both current major political parties want to flame the “passions” This is because passionate voters go to the polls while the rest will likely just talk a good game.

    Let’s not let either party manipulate us into “soiling the next” (Eric’s words). The reality of electioneering is this: “Knowledge makes you powerful but emotion makes you buy. Passionate citizens vote, the rest may or may not. A good agitator from either political party knows this, and will do this, with the idea of “turning out the base.”

    Be suspicious of all ideologues, especially so close to an election. They want you to boil over, and it looks like they have been succeeding at getting us to the right temperature.

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