Plodding Toward September

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley attempted to pass a bill repealing AB5 today. As the list of people (including me) who supported the effort was handed to Gonzalez, she tossed  it onto the floor.

The “clean up” bill amending many of AB5’s restrictions will pass, and Governor Nuisance has promised to sign it, but there are still many professions left out in the cold. Thanks for nothing, Lorena.

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3 Responses to Plodding Toward September

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    It’s all too easy to sit here and wonder at the ignorance of Q-bearing candidates on the right, like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, then you snap me back to reality with someone who makes a donkey the lesser ass.

  2. Meanwhile, California’s newspapers are pushing AB 323–in fact, there’s an ad in today’s edition of The Union urging readers to “Act now to save local newspapers.”

    And how will AB 323 “save local newspapers”? Glad you asked. The bill gives newspapers a monopoly on legal advertising and keeps carriers independent contractors for at least one more year. Freelancers? We’re left to the tender mercies of Lorena.

    • RL Crabb says:

      Yes, they’re playing the divide-and-conquer card. Picking off affected businesses with goodies and empty promises.
      With the newspapers, it’s only a stay of execution.

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