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Inept vs. Insane: Open Season

Now that we are chest deep in the cesspool of Electopocalypse 2012, the kid gloves have come off and both camps are openly comparing each other to the most hated and hateful ideologies in human history. It should come as no surprise … Continue reading

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How To Start A War On The Cheap

 I did this cartoon about the story of Molly Norris a few years ago. Molly quite innocently (and naively) almost started a war by standing up for the 1st amendment. Once unleashed, her drawing turned into a Frankenstein’s monster that threatened … Continue reading

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Evolution Of The Political Animal

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Ben Emery for State Senate?

My sources tell me that Ben Emery is considering a run for the State Senate seat recently vacated by congressional candidate Doug LaMalfa. I didn’t run into Ben at the parade on Sunday, so we’ll have to wait for his confirmation … Continue reading

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Constitution Day!

Well, now that the dumbass conventions are over and everyone is thoroughly depressed (except for those of you who actually believe the bullpucky that spews from the mouths of politicians) it’s time for us locals to put aside our differences … Continue reading

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Obamapalooza – Day Three: No Balloons

I’ve always been a sucker for a good speech, ever since I heard JFK’s inaugural address as a fourth grader. “Ask not what your country can do for you, etc.” really stuck in my young impressionable mind and turned me … Continue reading

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Obamapalooza – Day Two: God and Bill Clinton

One of the big disappointments of the GOP convention was the cancellation of an address by a hologram of Ronald Reagan. Those who saw it said it was eerily real, so much so that the head honchos squelched it at the … Continue reading

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Obamapalooza – Day One: Happy Days Are Here Again

The Democratic  Convention Extravaganza started off with a bang yesterday, with happy warriors from all corners of the nation coming out swinging in defense of the policies and programs of the last four years.  Only the press was more enthusiastic, led by the bombastic … Continue reading

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Gene Albaugh

 In the rough and tumble world of politics, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t made a few enemies along the way. One of the exceptions to the rule was Gene Albaugh, who retired as the City Manager of Nevada … Continue reading

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Out To Pasture

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