Targeting Your Audience

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  1. gregoryzaller says:

    This has to based on a true story since the truth is stranger than fiction, and this is strange!

    • rl crabb says:

      Have you ever been browsing through the magazine rack, picked one up and opened it only to have three or four subscription cards fall out? It drives me crazy!

      • Judith Lowry says:

        Of course you nailed it.
        It is a deliberate sales tactic on the part of magazines and their advertisers.
        Right up there with the dancing chicken on a hot plate.
        I saw a piece on magazine inserts a few years ago, perhaps on 60 Minutes.
        What some folks think up to make a buck.
        “Makes Ya Wanna Holler” (Marvin Gaye).

  2. Judith Lowry says:

    I believe you Bob.
    My car’s navigation device really cops an attitude with me when I fail to take its directions.
    I can hear the resentment and blame in its tone.
    I tried switching it from a female voice to a male voice, but that only made things worse.

    • rl crabb says:

      It’s worse when the car gives you bad info and the driver continues to follow the course, even when it becomes obvious that something’s wrong. What will happen when Google “perfects” the self-driving car and some sunspot zaps the satellite?
      “What? I wanted to go to the grocery store…How did I end up in Cleveland?”

      • Ryan Mount says:

        As if we need more anxiety on the road. On a recent trip to Bug-o-Rama at the Sacramento raceway, the navigation system insisted that we travel all the way down to business 80, and then back up 50. (Note: VW Bugs thankfully don’t have GPS systems. This was on an iPhone 4s.)

        Sensing an error, we chose to cut through Rocklin on Sierra College Blvd to cut travel time down, but also to look at those ridiculous mansions. However, this is not deter the navigation system, even as we were pulling into Rancho Cordova, the system was imploring us to turn around at the next opportunity and head back through Rocklin to highway 80 and then head South/West towards business 80.

        Why didn’t I just turn the damn thing off? Well, I was hoping at any moment it would throw a tantrum and start calling me names. Never happened. Shame, really.

      • TD Pittsford says:

        Bob, you are in Cleveland to visit the A’s exhibit in the Baseball Hall of Fame…Oh, right, only championship teams have a presence there. Sorry.

        • Tom Odachi says:

          TD, I know you’re just messing with RL about the Ehs, and I haven’t had more than a passing interest in baseball for several decades, but I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland and the Baseball Hall of Fame is still in Cooperstown.

          • TD Pittsford says:

            Darn. Wrong again. I don’t know much about foreign countries. At least the sentiment was there. OK, Bob, I withdraw my comment.

    • TD Pittsford says:

      Judith, I know exactly what you mean. My GPS does the same thing. I know how to get from my own driveway to Hwy 20 but “Nancy the Navigator” demands in her arrogant tone to, “Make a U-Turn and…blah, blah, blah” There’s also the issue of accuracy. Two weeks ago when I traveled to Yosemite, I plugged in the location of the Ahwahnee hotel in the park and even though it’s probably 10 miles from Oakhurst where to the south entrance, Nancy told me to “Make a U-Turn on to Hwy 49…etc.” This instruction would have taken us to the NORTH gate, 150 miles out of the way. Nancy also told us that Tonopah, NV was just 25 miles north of Las Vegas when if fact it’s more than 215 miles away. And before you ask, no the app was not made by Apple who apparently thinks the Eiffel Tower is FLAT…just like the rest of the earth. It is deeply unfortunate (or not) that we don’t have the same access to the same global locating devices used by the FBI and NCIS…at least on TV. Now, what was the original subject?

    • I always check out a location on Google Earth at home on the big screen, so I can visualize the local landmarks. The GPS guide person on my Android Razor Maxxx is very polite, but equally persistent. It also helps to know EWNS by time of day and the sun. Amazing the number of people who have no clue. I never say the sun sets. I say the Earth has rotated us around so that the sun is now hidden beneath our feet, approximately. Kids love it.

      • TD Pittsford says:

        I’m one of those who is directionally challenged. I’ve lived here for 30 years or more and still don’t know which is East Broad and which is West Broad. Thank God they both end up on the same highway.

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