The Empire Squeaks Back

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  1. Bjorn V says:

    How long before Disney declares themselves Overlords of the World? Could they be the anti-Christ? Oh wait, that’s Microsoft…in both cases.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    My prediction: by 2020 Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Amazon and Google will have all merged into MADAG, every mouse & keyboard interface will be merely a MADAG-implanted chip (required by statute), and King Barack and Queen Carly will benevolently rule over a vast single-nation dystopia, looking a heck of lot like Irvine.

  3. Judith Lowry says:

    The Mouse rules all.
    “Whose the leader of the band that’s made for you and me?
    M-I-C- K-E-Y , M-O-U-S-E-! . . . “

    • Douglas Keachie says:

      Did the Nisenan ever make ovens for baking bread, pizzas, or pottery? I’m thinking of making a woood fired pizza oven out of our local clay, and I thought it would be nice to know if there were any local hints on construction.

      • Judith Lowry says:

        Thanks for your interest in the Nisenan.
        No, the Nisenan had not yet done any serious firing of earthen clay by the time the gold rush occurred.
        They didn’t work in metal yet either, which put them at a disadvantage against tools and weapons made of iron and steel.
        They gathered, cooked and ate from either woven baskets, shells and/or carved stone vessels.
        They generally cooked over open fires, but the did know how to “put a pig in the ground”, well, groundhogs actually.
        Good eating from what my dad told me, sort of like pulled pork.
        Everything a Nisenan owned could, and usually would, be burned when he died. You could not do that with the possessions of 21st century Nisenan people.
        Local ceramic artists tell me that the indigenous soils here are really good for their ceramic projects.
        Best wishes to you with your creative endeavors.

  4. San French says:

    Has Oneil been lurking around the Lucas Ranch as of late? Just wonderin’. I could see him and George knockin’ back single malt and plotting their retirement. Oh, the possibilities! Naughty Space Pirates of the Outer Caribbean Galaxies w/ Mickey and Johnny.

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