Trick Or Treat at the Del Oro

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  1. Jesus Betterman says:

    That was all just prep for you to deal with the new SuperPac ads just now hitting the screens: The gloves are off for the SuperPacs. With too little time to refute any of it, now comes the Goebbling’s of the Far Right Big Money, and damn the Asian American vote, Full Speed Ahead!

    Why the dumbest ill informed voter in Ohio should have more weight in this election than every Nobel Laureate in California is beyond me. End the Electoral College NOW, or at least have state by state proportional by Congressional District Electoral College voting. That way more third parties would have a chance, and the election discussions could move to a higher level.

  2. Robert Lovejoy says:

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Ah, Halloween and the classic lame horror movies coming to a theater near you. Even The Blob planned to take over the world. My favorite has always been Dr. Cyclopes cause that was one one movie based totally on scientific fact. Speaking of theaters, this might not be the best time to go see the Rockets. Heard one political campaign is raffling off a trip to New York City to raise funds for the storm victims. Hope it is a boat trip. Hint: time to throw tomatoes.

  3. Judith Lowry says:

    There seem to be only two kinds of people.
    They both start as children.
    At least now society is attempting to deal with bullying.
    If we teach kids what really small, scared, people bullies are inside, that may help.

  4. Mark Johnson says:

    Thanks for the Halloween & Deloro memories(Hartung clock included!). I have many fond memories of the “old” Deloro. Mrs Reader held a firm flashlight when I was young, and she made sure I was not allowed in the lodge seats.

    • rl crabb says:

      Is Mrs. Reader the person I remember as “Alta”? Heavy-set, with horn-rimmed glasses and big auburn-colored hair? Many years ago, I illustrated a book called “How to Sneak into the Movies” and used Alta, wielding her flashlight like a club, as the model for the oppressive usher.
      Also, after Mike and Barbara took over the Del Oro I asked them if the Hartung Jewelers neon clock was lying around somewhere. Apparently not, and they seemed a bit confused as to why people would want a clock in a theatre. It’s just a pleasant memory for me, and I do remember looking at it frequently while sitting through some of the three and four hour epics that dominated the movies back then. (Like Spartacus, The Alamo, Ben Hur, etc.)

      • SR Jones says:

        I miss that clock, too! I hope it’s enjoying a well-earned retirement somewhere. I still find myself looking over to the left side of the screen at the Del Oro.

      • Mark Johnson says:

        Yes – Mrs Reader is your Alta. She ran a tight ship, and her flashlight with red cone cover was feared by me and my pals. I had a few occasions to talk to Mrs Reader years(decades) after my childhood – she was a lovely lady, and very sweet.

      • Douglas Keachie says:

        The Oaks Theater in Berkeley on Solano Ave also had such a clock.

  5. Marie Hartung says:

    Hi. My name is Marie hartung and I am the daughter of Henry Hartung whose father ran the Hartung jewelry stores in grass Valley in Nevada city. I have been on a long hunt to reclaim our families iconic thing so if anyone does know where that neon clock is or any other Hartung Clock, Hartung jewelry boxes Hartung advertising calendars anything like that I would certainly love to be contacted. My email is

  6. RL CRABB says:

    Thank you, Marie. Are you aware of the Facebook group “You know you grew up in Nevada County if you remember…” Many old stories and mysteries have been shared there. I’ll post your question and let you know if I get any responses.

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