Oh, What A Night!

Well, we had the final presidential debate on foreign policy, generating much hot air and little else, tornadoes, thunder, lightning, hail, and The Giants won the pennant!!! I expect I’ll wake up in the morning to find out aliens have┬álanded and zombies have occupied the county dump. Either that or it was all a dream.

If it did really happen, all I can say is…HOLD THAT TIGER! Go Giants!

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4 Responses to Oh, What A Night!

  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Bob, it was all a wet dream. Go back to sleep.

    Zombies are mostly Yankees fans, so the brain-eaters are done.

    “Let’s – Go – Gi – ants! ^clap^ ^clap^ ^clap-clap-clap^!!”

    • Bjorn V says:

      Mike, zombies may be Yankees fans but the majority of them will be going to the polls this November to vote for the criminal of their choice…from either party.

  2. Jesus Betterman says:

    I think Romney’s countenance of restrained smirk may have been partially drug induced.

  3. Bjorn V says:

    Are you talking about the talking sock puppet show the other night? I still prefer Sherry Lewis and Lambchop. They’re far funnier and a great deal less dangerous to America’s future.

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