The Beatings Go On

It never ceases to amaze me just how different two people can look at the same evidence and come to completely different conclusions.

Over at Fox (and locally, the fanatical Trumpublickin’ bloggers) they have released the balloons, popped the champagne, and all but conferred sainthood and an assured second term for the babbling president.

“NO COLLUSION,” the chief exec twitters over and over, while vowing to sic the hounds of retribution upon his enemies in the Deep State. His followers scream for new investigations and prosecutions of the disloyal Federal BI, CIA and of course, Hillary and her lieutenants in the DNC.

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC and CNN, the heavily redacted Mueller Report just confirmed to the true believers that the administration was GUILTY of obstruction, and at the very least, passive collusion.Chris Matthews can barely spit out the word, IMPEACH, as his leg quivers in anticipation of the daily thrashing he will inflict on the infidels occupying his beloved White House. Lawyers and activists are lining up  to appear on camera for the next eighteen months to register their complaints of misconduct and criminal behavior. Ratings will soar.

Speaker Pelosi will have little choice other than to proceed with endless hearings while the chanting grows louder from her left wing. There are too many who are ready to impeach without hard evidence, and others who will feel compelled to support their party or fall victim to a primary revolt.

But with the Senate in Republican hands, the chances for removing Trump from office are nil. As Donny has proven over the last two years, he really could murder someone in full view of the press and still command loyalty from his base. (It was justifiable homicide, your honor. The whore was a Democrat traitor. I had to kill her!)

While impeachment seems obvious to the hardcore left, the endless jihad to remove Trump could alienate voters if the screaming and thrashing continues unabated for the next year. Likewise, the hard right’s obsession with jailing their enemies could backfire on an electorate that is more concerned about jobs, healthcare and fixing potholes.

All the while, the dark forces in the Kremlin can’t believe their good fortune. They may live to see the United States dissolve into warring states, just as the Soviet Union did almost thirty years ago.

Or maybe a majority of Americans will tire of the radical two-party shenanigans and throw the bums out once and for all.

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12 Responses to The Beatings Go On

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    It seems like the umpteenth time that I’ve read the articles of impeachment in the Constitution and the Federalist Papers which explains them. And it is clear as ever that the job of a special council is that of an investigator, the House is the prosecutor, and the Senate is the jury, in such a scenario.
    The special council’s only job was to find and secure all evidence of wrongdoing; not to recommend action or take any on his own, which he did not. He couldn’t have been more clear, in my mind, than stating that he was not charged with bringing criminal charges, and he was even clearer in stating that he also was definitely not exhonerating Trump or his campaign. (A lie repeated infinitum by Trump and his red hat Republican base.)
    It is my estimation that, under the Constitution, the House, at this point, has no choice but to bring charges and start the impeachment proceedings. Some call for more investigation, but that is exactly what an impeachment is; an investigation of wrongdoing by a person in an elected or appointed office. Personally, I’ve heard enough just from Trump’s interviews and speeches to warrant impeachment.
    It is totally inconsequential, at this point, whether or not McConnell and his boys would vote to convict; the evidence is there, (not even including the redacted information on 12 to 14 instances of Trump and his people breaking other laws outside of the special councilors scope, which he was obligated to pass on to state prosecutors).
    Basing the decision to impeach, or not impeach, on the timing of our next election is a choosing of political expediency over the rule of law. You say, “There are too many who are ready to impeach without hard evidence”. I say, how much more evidence do you need?
    And lastly, impeachment isn’t simply punishing those who have broken the trust between citizens and those elected; it’s also a warning to those in the future who may be tempted to game our system for their personal gain. Nixon was impeached for a conspiracy during an election. Clinton was impeached for lying. Trump has done both and you don’t have to be a “true believer” to see it, just a believer in truth.

  2. rl crabb says:

    We’re dealing with divergent realities here. The House sees truth one way, and the Senate sees it upside down. Whether the act of impeachment galvanizes one side more than the other in the next election remains to be seen. In this Era of Bizarreness it’s hard to discount anything.

  3. rl crabb says:

    And my point was, they can flail around with rules to their heart’s content, but the big poop will be stinking up the place for another year. Come 11/20, we’ll see who gets flushed.

    • fish says:

      …and this is probably just how its going to play out! After which I’ll need to find something else to poke Paul Emery with to make him flop around like a boated Striped Bass!

      For now though I’m having just so much fun!

  4. Ken Jones says:

    You really must have one hell of a boring life “Fish” if you consider that fun. And Emery seems to better you on almost every post.

  5. Ken Jones says:

    Saw this on the rag that Rebane runs today;
    Posted by: Paul Emery | 24 April 2019 at 10:30 AM
    that was my post
    Speaking of “Cock Holsters” Punch……somebody named “Ken Jones”….thinks you’re just swell.

    Well my name is Ken Jones “Fish”. Trying using your own name. I just happen to notice that Emery typically is much more astute than you and the rest of the cons there. “Cock Holsters”? Another homophobic insult that really sums you up “Fish”. I’m done, don’t want to stink up Bob’s blog.

  6. fish says:

    I’m done, don’t want to stink up Bob’s blog.

    I am too! “Cock Holster” was either originated (locally) by Frisch or Anderson and used more recently by escaped mental patient Doug Keachie……feel free to take it (accusations of homophobia) up with them. Of course you could drop by and just be “Ozz” for a while all the cool kids are doing it.

    • Steven Frisch says:

      Never in my life used the term “Cock Holster,” would never do so, and must note that the people using the term indeed have a long record of juvenile demeaning rhetoric.

      • fish says:

        Yeah…..I’m still pretty sure it was you but I can’t find it.


        Did have a lot of fun reading some of the old stuff…..

        I can’t believe you called me…..”a paid political provocateur”

        That was awesome!

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