Spring Color in Grass Valley

Grass Valley is seeing yet another wonderful mural on Church Street. It’s nice to see these big blank walls turned into public art.

Along with the Del Oro and the Grass Valley mural on Main Street, we are adding much needed color to the neighborhood.




Wouldn’t it be nice to see something on that empty canvas holding up the Nevada Theater in Nevada City?

It might take a bit of elbowing, but if we can have Terazzo lights and a boardwalk in the historic district, then why not a mural?

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    As long as it’s not a gold-panning miner or a water cannon.

    How ’bout a scene picturing a tribe of the indigenous natives? You know: cooking trout, skinning a deer and grinding acorns. Life before we came and “conquered the west with our Winchesters and Colt 45’s” as Pence recently said at a meeting of the NRA.

    Not that growing up in an old gold mining town wasn’t cool, but before we came there, it must have been heaven on Earth.

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