Scenes From The Class Struggle In Nevada City

My old pal Pam (Sibley) Wood posted a few old covers I did for the late, lamented Nevada City Independent. It only lasted a few years, but what a time we had!

Who can name this ancient comic strip character I lifted for this cover? (No fair googling!)

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7 Responses to Scenes From The Class Struggle In Nevada City

  1. Cathy says:


  2. fish says:

    My thought as well! I suspect you wouldn’t have made it that easy though.

  3. Steven Frisch says:

    It’s gotta be Dagwood, I’m just not used to seeing him in a hat with no cowlick.

  4. Cathy says:

    Well, foo-ey!

  5. Steven Frisch says:

    Jeez, how did I miss this? My only excuse is that the Chicago Sun-Times was my childhood paper.

  6. rl crabb says:

    So now you know the origin of the foo fighters, Just another classic Americanism spawned by the comics.

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