Lost In The Jungle

This Steve Baird character obviously put his name on the ballot for State Senator just to confuse voters, and many voters complied. You just can’t legislate against stupidity.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Stupidity indeed. Baird has said on his website that he supported free college for everyone, a guaranteed minimum universal income of $50,000 per person and “late term abortions up to and including the 25th year.” Anyone dumb enough to take seriously such a blatantly flawed candidacy deserves the result.
    And kudos to the Union and other sources for exposing the farce AFTER the primary. So much for the “watchdog” fourth estate, without which the barely-engaged public can be subjected to such asinine scams. There was a time when the general public could “look the other way” and trust that the wary journalists would alert them to such scams, before the fact. Now, if they’re not outwardly complicit, (Fox), they are certainly lacking.

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