Open House @ The Union

Open House Union675This coming Thursday, September 25, I’ll be selling my wares at The Union’s 150th Anniversary Open House. This is an opportunity for the public to see the inner workings and people who produce the daily paper, and to air your suggestions and gripes. Among the items I’ll be offering are…

Village Idiot Book664


My collection of editorial cartoons and comic strips that appeared in the paper from 1998 to 2010, including those covering events leading up to the Wild and Scenic designation of the Yuba River, and the four year battle over Natural Heritage 2020. This is the history of Nevada County in cartoons.


Scablands Cover II476


My recently self-published auto biography, Scablands, covers a pivotal time in my life. After years of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’roll, and comics, I left Nevada City for the wilds of eastern Washington and a new job as a repo man. Along the way I discovered the story of an ancient people and their struggle to adapt to the coming of the white man. Eventually, the two stories collide. (This book is recommended for mature audiences. Adult language and situations.)


And who knows what other goodies I’ll find in my bag of tricks? You’ll have to come and find out for yourself. The fun begins at 5:30.

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4 Responses to Open House @ The Union

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    I will definitely be there. See you then Crabbman!

  2. george rebane says:


  3. Robert love joy says:

    For five dollars I will allow you to shake my hand. For ten dollars I will autograph the back of your shirt. Share the wealth Crabbman. 🙂

  4. John Dough says:

    Speaking of The Union, there is a very interesting link on Todd’s blog to an editorial written by the FUE in 2009 about the future of newspapers. Dramatically different from what he says now.

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