Coming To A Picnic Near You

Ant Christ680I have my complaints about our commander-in-chief, but really. Sometimes I think the only reason the House of Reprehensibles hasn’t impeached him is they can’t find anyone who can spell the word impeachment.

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  1. Barry Pruett says:

    I was thinking that it was someone from Alabama, but the license plate says Washington. Maybe someone from Alabama moved to Washington.

  2. fish says:

    Now that’s just sad! More unearned “street cred” for the “Empty Suit in Chief”. At least Satan had to do something of substance to earn his place in history!

  3. fish says:

    This is rich! A man who tracks others incessantly whining about being “tracked”.

    This is rich: Barry Pruett of Penn Valley tracking people who “like” Jim Firth’s Facebook page. I liked the pages of all four candidates running for Grass Valley City Council. LOL.

    …and remember while constantly monitoring the community make sure to “like” everyones Facebook pages to maintain your “middle of the road” bona fides.

    As always…LOL!

    • Barry Pruett says:

      My point to Crabbman had nothing to do with Firth. Crabbman liking Firth’s page popped up in my Facebook feed, and I thought that it was interesting as Pelline tries to portray Bob as some radical conservative as Bob simply does not fit the caricature…that said Pelline does fit Cartman’s behavioral caricature to a tee. Unlike Pelline, I do not choose my friends or judge people based on political ideology. BTW…can someone tell me what an antchrist is?

    • Speaking of rich…

      Mr. Bubba writes that “Sponsored digital media content has a trust problem,” once again demanding a high standard from everybody else while he publishes a quarterly compilation of puffery, where an ad guarantees positive coverage.

  4. stevefrisch says:

    Yeah, what is that interloper from Washington doing in our aria!

    I am trying to figure out what you are objecting to Bob, the poor spelling or the fear mongering histrionics by opponents of the President?

    • rlcrabb says:

      There are those who continually try to link me with the red ants or the blue ants. I have no problem stomping on either. I guess Obama would be classified as a black ant. That’s different. Stomp on him and they’ll call you racist.
      So no, I’m not among those who buy the Kenyan-son-of-Satan theory, And although I wouldn’t impeach him, I don’t want him pickin’ at the ‘peachmint pie at my picnic.

    • fish says:

      Well thank god these forward thinkers didn’t succumb to “the fear mongering histrionics by opponents of the President”.

  5. george rebane says:

    Has anyone considered that “Antchrist”, labeling our self-proclaimed messiah in all things, is not a misspelling?

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