The Dan O’Neill Method

Dan ONeill Method698After I did this cartoon, O’Neill told me to stop drawing him. Ha! If he is going to go around teaching people to do this kind of subversive shit, it is only natural that his creations will turn the tables. It’s the Frankenstein effect.

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  1. fish says:

    After I did this cartoon, O’Neill told me to stop drawing him.

    Any reason given as to why?

  2. Ben Emery says:

    I like Dan and see him walking around the neighborhood every once in awhile. In 2010 if we had the budget we were going to hire him as part of our campaign. He was trying to get Mountain Messenger to set up a debate between myself and McClintock in Sierra County, McClintock declined as usual. 16:1 mine being a topic of course

  3. rlcrabb says:

    For the uninformed, some background material on Dan’l…

  4. I note that O’Neill’s career has followed a trajectory similar to that of another USF alum who made a career of kicking the shins of the establishment, San Francisco journalism Warren Hinckle. Neither of them is listed among the school’s distinguished graduates, giving them even more credibility.

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