A Different Perspective

On this Martin Luther King Day, we sometimes need to look beyond skin color, ideology, and sound bites to remember that Dr. King advised us to not judge by the color of skin, but the content of character.

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Fire Sale

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Inept v. Insane: Appetite For Self-destruction

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The Felinophobic

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There’s (at least) One In Every Town…

Last month, The Union banned former county supervisor Todd Juvinall from commenting on their opinion page. I see the warning didn’t take, but what else can you expect from our “Little Trump”?

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A Disturbing Trend

Newly installed Sheriff Shannan Moon will have her hands full, if the trend toward local criminality continues. It will also be worth watching how the state’s effort to empty jails and prisons will affect the numbers.

Nevada County’s police blotter, just from this past week: Three alleged assaults, fifteen cases of theft/burglary, six cases of vandalism, and a smattering of threats, people occupying houses illegally, vehicle rustling, psychotic and drug-related behavior and a shooter on the loose. For an area and population the size of our little corner of California, not too encouraging.

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Local Newsman In The News


I’ve known Mr. Russell for many years and have occasionally graced the pages of “The Mess”. Hope he doesn’t get a swelled head from all the attention. It would make it harder for him to dodge the incoming flak from readers and politicians.

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Culture Wars: Episode 2019

As the rebel stronghold of California enters the Newsom era, Progressives watch with anticipation to see if the young warrior can live up to his hype. Stay tuned…

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One More Trip Around Ol’ Sol.

It’s hard for me to believe I made it to sixty-eight. I survived car wrecks and diseases. I ingested enough drugs in the seventies and eighties to kill a herd of elephants. I’ve buried way too many friends, some younger and better behaved than me. I must be doing something¬† right!
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