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Earth Day 2017

I’ve tried to maintain a neutral stand on the whole climate debate. Oh, I agree that the planet is warmer than it used to be. Having spent most of my life in this area, I’ve seen the changes with my own lying eyes. Winters were colder in the past, and this year our place was flooded five times. That hasn’t happened in the 60+ years our family has lived at this location.

Having said that, I am not as totally convinced that the scenario laid out by the experts is absolute. I’m no scientist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do see from what I’ve read that the climate can change on a dime if the conditions are right. The eruption of a major volcano could reverse any warming at any given moment. Same with an asteroid or comet, or nuclear war. When all is said and done, what is science besides an educated guess?

Still, one of my favorite cartoons (not mine) asks, what if it’s all a hoax and we cleaned up the planet for nothing? Can anyone living in California deny that the efforts to clean up the air has had real and positive effects? I can still remember when you could drive by the Hollywood sign and be unable to see it through the haze of pollution. Likewise with Sacramento.

But even our best efforts are never enough. Environmentalists are continually suing someone over an endangered amoeba in an effort to return our rural areas to some pristine standard that may have never actually existed in nature. They have sometimes used CEQA as a club rather than a scalpel. Environmental regulation has created a shortage of affordable housing in this state.

The Yuba River is a good example of how things have gone sideways. For years, we worked to protect the river from dams, and to do our best to make it accessible to all. As a result, every swimming hole is packed once the temperature passes eighty degrees, and the garbage they leave behind every season could fill several dozen dump trucks. We have loved it to death.

And there’s the real question: Can this planet sustain this many people? The oceans have become our trashcans. The demand for energy has decimated mountain tops and fouled essential waterways. As the last election shows, people want growth over sustainability.

At some point, liberals and conservatives may come to see the human population as the real threat. It will be interesting to see how they deal with it.

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Nobody Ever Said (It Was Gonna Be Easy) – Carrie Nation

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The Last Affordable House In California

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Then and Now

The Union has been running letters from local Republicans whining about the boisterous crowd at last month’s town hall meeting with Congressman LaMalfa. No respect! Where’s the civility?

Where? It’s in the same place you left it fifteen years ago during the reign of the so-called liberal Gang of Four Board of Supervisors. (Peter Van Zant, Izzy Martin, Bruce Conklin and Barbara Geen.) In other words, they forgot to bring it to those meetings. Chalk it up to selective memory.

Don’t tell me it was a figment of my imagination. I was there, bunky. The harassment went on for four years, and and only ended when the heathens were driven from office and their ambitious land use initiative, Natural Heritage 2020 was burning on the BBQ grill of history.

So suck it up, Repubbys. It’s going to be a long four years ahead…

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Happy Tax Day

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The Half-blind Leading The Half-blind

This has become a recurring theme in my cartoons for the last twenty years, and sadly, the disease of ideological myopia has only become worse. I see that this latest entry is already being mocked over at Rebane’s Ruminations. I’m not surprised. George and his friends have been doing their endless circle jerk for years on end, now emboldened by the regressive policies of the Trump juggernaut. I’ve long since abandoned any hope of dialog with that snarky crew.

Likewise, progressive California has doubled down on their efforts to make sure that any tax cuts on the federal level will be more than compensated by free-for-all government programs and massive infrastructure pay-offs for favored districts. Never mind the looming pension debt or the inevitability of economic downturns.

I spend most of my mornings switching channels between Fox Business and MSNBC. How two news outlets can interpret events so radically different never ceases to amaze me. It is with some degree of difficulty that the truth can be found between the lines.

At some point, the United States will cease to exist as we now know it, because there is no way to reconcile such diverse ideologies. A house divided cannot stand, ya know.

Meanwhile, lesser powers rejoice at our impending divorce. We will spend more time and energy fighting each other than worrying about what goes on beyond our walled borders. Anyone who believes that they won’t take advantage of the situation doesn’t know much about history.

And I suppose I will be mocked endlessly by the geniuses of the left and right because I refuse to see the error of my ways, and that we could have gone on to achieve greatness if only we could have played to our strengths rather than our weakness.

George is right. It would be too simple.

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Highway Robbery

The day after I drew this, the California Legislature passed Governor Brown’s $52B transportation bill. As is always the case, the squeakiest wheels managed to get millions for pet projects in their districts while the rest of us will pay for more modest road repairs and upgrades.

No one can honestly say we didn’t need some tax increases to cover the horrendous damage done to our highways and byways after last winter’s record storms, but as politicians like to say; never let a good crisis go to waste. They’ve stacked the deck with pork, and made the new taxes (twelve cents a gallon for gas, twenty for diesel, and a hefty increase in registration fees) inflation adjustable.

In other words, since the costs of transporting goods will be passed on to us peons, inflation will be increased and the taxes right along with them. Fifty-two billion? The figure will be far greater, believe me.

The Governor and termed out legislators who stand to lose nothing are laughing today. As St. Jerry sneered, “They can afford it.”


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Our Traditional Fake News Day

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