The Cold Rush

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Barnum & Bailey Couldn’t Compete

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Written In Stone

Right wing apologists ask when the statues of George Washington will meet the same fate as the confederates? After all, George was a slave owner.

Well, indeed he was, but in his will he ordered that his slaves should be freed upon the death of his wife, Martha. Martha, fearing that the slaves might try to hasten her demise, freed them early.

George knew his place in history, and he tried to set an example for those who would follow him.

On the other hand, the heroes of the confederacy fought to keep the black race chained in perpetuity. Slaves were little more than beasts of burden, unequal to the responsibility of citizenship. This was the mindset of all those generals and politicians in the so-called “war of northern aggression.”

In these United States, statues should honor those who risked their lives and reputations to advance the cause of freedom, knowledge and human rights, not those who fought to deny them.

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Nevada County In The National News (And Not On A “Best Of” List.)

Undoing Legalization: Cali County Wants to Charge Home Pot Growers Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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Put That In Your Pipe

The Nevada Irrigation District threw a new monkey wrench into the marijuana mix this week when they announced that growers may be required to install “backflow” valves at an undetermined cost numbering in the thousands of dollars. Right.

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Icy The Light

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Living La Vita Local

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Growing Pains

Some people have the idea that legalizing recreational marijuana will eliminate the criminal aspect of the pot business. Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent that there will still be a thriving black market, at least until prices crash to a level that makes it unprofitable.

Even so, there will be those who do not wish to pay any price when they can easily pick off the fruits of someone else’s labor.

The new reality is beginning to dawn on residents of rural counties. One poster on Facebook lamented the loss of silence in her country home, where the night air is filled with the hum of generators. Another noted that the foothills look as if they were covered with glow worms when the proliferation of greenhouses are viewed from the air.

It’s doubtful that the “green rush” will last. Those with money will force most of the wildcats out of business, except for a few who cater to a high end niche market.

Still, it will be chaotic for some years to come. You have to be careful what you wish for.

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Affordable Housing Solution No. 347

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Scratch My Back Or I’ll Stab Yours

No one at the White House ever gets the chance to fall on his own sword. Your colleagues and “brothers” will beat you to it.

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