Cornish Humor

Cornish214Happy St. Piran’s Day, Nevada County!

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Loco History

Local History Lyman Gilmore946

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And Now For A Commercial Message…

I find most TV commercials annoying, but every once in a while one comes along that makes me smile…

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A Sad Day On Vulcan

One fine day back in the 1990’s, Leonard Nimoy wandered into the Artists’ Guild Gallery (then located above the NC Chamber of Commerce) and was so impressed with the exhibition that he became a member and offered prints of his photos of nudes to help us stay afloat. Ultimately, the effort failed, but we will always remember his kindness and generosity. You will always live long in our hearts, Spock…

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On Tuesday, I was horrified when I opened the newspaper only to discover that someone had removed the “i’s” from the words in my comic strip! It was weird and kind of disturbing, but I shrugged it off as some kind of printing glitch. That is, until I noticed that THE VERY SAME THING happened to fellow Union cartoonist John Carr’s ‘toon in Wednesday’s edition. WHY?!!! And why only the “i’s”?! Then it dawned on me…ISIS!!! It was their SIGNATURE! They are killing us cartoonists, one letter at a time…


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The Rumor Mongered

Back in 1990, Dan O’Neill and I produced the first issue of The Wild Dog, a four-page supplement in the Nevada City alternative paper, Community Endeavor. The paper was commissioned and paid for by Duane Sandin to tell his story of being persecuted by the state and local governments. (If you want to know more about that, you’ll have to read my graphic autobiography, Scablands.)                                                                                         Duane’s story filled the first three pages, and Dan supplied the fourth, reproduced here. It is a true story told by one of the concrete truck drivers on his deathbed. (They were all sworn to silence by their employer.) It was estimated that almost 5000 gallons of gasoline poured down the ravine into the old mineshaft, but Caltrans covered their tracks, quite literally.                                                                                                                       We thought that the story would spark outrage in the community, but no one seemed to care. Maybe it was because it was a cartoon, and people thought it was made up. Well, here it is again, if anyone’s interested…


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Stick It In Your Fatwa

Martyr Mouse922Here’s a cartoon I did back in 2006. Sadly, things are far worse today.

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Gonzo Gone: In Memory Of HST

Ten years ago today, the infamous gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson took his own life. Many volumes have been written since then theorizing why Hunter chose to deprive the world of his twisted tales of the Death of the American Dream. Did the drugs finally get to him? Had the muse deserted him?  I didn’t know him other than a few brief encounters, but I believe that age and abuse had taken its toll. He had been largely confined to a wheelchair after hip surgery. How could that ever compare to careening through the Nevada desert in The Great Red Shark, pursued by deadly poisonous flying manta rays?

The following story chronicles one of those encounters. It’s all true. I swear…

Hunter Gorilla One916Hunter Gorilla Two917Hunter Gorilla Three918Hunter Gorilla Four919

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Cartoonist Under Fire

Since the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, there have been numerous assaults on our proud profession and the freedom of expression. In the interest of bringing these atrocities to light, I am creating this new category where I will post stories of interest as links in the comments as I become aware of them. Readers are also invited to participate.

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