Such A Cute Little Town

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We Needs More Housings!!! (For Mel & Julie)

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Getting There Is Half The Fun

Buses, being an integral part of the socialist restructuring of civilization, will soon be running to the Yuba River on Highway 49. Amazingly though, this service will be a commercial rather than public enterprise, without subsides and bureaucracy. It will no doubt alleviate the current parking dysfunction, although the swimming holes may get a bit more crowded.

We here at RL wish the effort well, and hope that someday, the long suffering denizens of the north county will also be blessed with affordable transportation. That is, if we haven’t moved on to flying cars, bullet trains, pneumatic tubes or teleportation by 2040.

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Nurses Gone Wild

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The Mountain Messenger – July 6, 1967

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A Work In Progress

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Bloviating From The Bunker

Any resemblance to persons living, dead or online is hardly coincidental.

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Altered States

There are some people who live out on the very fringes of the left and the right. They’ve constructed an alternate universe where everything is black and white with no shades of grey. It’s a harsh place, where conspiracies are the norm and anyone who can’t see their “truth” is the enemy. It is the realm of absolutes. Rod Serling would feel right at home…

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Just Another Reminder…

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