Home Is Where You Are Tonight

Here’s one from last year. Even more relevant today with cities banning overnight RVparking.

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ART: It’s Too Much Like Work

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Life is a show: ‘Cabaret’ comes to Nevada City

If you’re ready for some saucy singing ans salacious showmanship, I suggest you get tickets for this outstanding production while they last.

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The Future?

It gets closer every day…

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Job w/benefits

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A Ruse By Any Other Name

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The 4th In Dutch Flat

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Listen To Your Uncle

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Set Your Clock

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Getting Weird In Winters

Last week, we took a long leisurely drive down the back roads of the Central Valley to Winters, where we were treated to a presentation on The Book Of Weirdo by author/historian Jon B. Cooke.

Robert and Aline Crumb spent many years in Winters, and many of the locals played a part in the making of the magazine. They lived a small cottage off Central Avenue, and Robert played in several local bands, including the Cheap Suit Serenaders and the Rural Sophisticates.

It was a fun trip down memory lane for all involved.


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