From Half Dome To Chrome Dome


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B.C. (Before Cable)


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Rock Of Ages


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Fidel Fatalis


I find it ironic how many Democrats are fawning over a dictator who stifled democracy in his own country for over half a century.

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Happy Friday Franksgiving

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I am Thankful


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A Sad Reminder

fascist048To me, the saddest aspect of 2016 has been the reemergence of fascism in this nation. My father, uncles and hundreds of thousands of their generation put their lives on the line to rid the world of these shit eating cockroaches. It is up to those of us who inherited that legacy to never, ever allow it to rise again. (Note: This cartoon was done during the civil war in Bosnia. How naive we were to believe it would never take hold on these shores.)

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California, Here They Come


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Earth In The Balance


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Like most of us in the media biz, I was surprised by the Trump victory. Even so, there had been this nagging feeling in the back of my pea brain that told me not to call the election until the votes were counted. No one, including me, believed there was enough resistance in the sparsely populated hinterlands to defeat the Comeback Clintons. Oops.

In 1992, their theme song was Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow, but this time they were thinking too far ahead and not focusing on today. Rural America was tired of being marginalized and left out of the Obama recovery, and was so desperate to be heard they chose the loudest, most obnoxious voice they could find.

It reminded me of my time as a repo man in rural Washington state, and in particular, a story I chronicled in my graphic novel, Scablands. My friends Duane and Donna were taking me to a gathering of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a “wise use” organization. It was in November of 1990 and we arrived at…but I’ll let the story tell itself…

us-and-them-one032us-and-them-two033us-and-them-three034us-and-them-four035us-and-them-five036us-and-them-six037us-and-them-seven038us-and-them-eight039Scablands can be purchased at codeword: Scablands. And yes, I know there’s a typo on page three. The missing word is “acquainted.”

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