The New Holy Water

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April Foolery

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Knock Knock

Have you been counted yet?

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It’s A Job

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Unmovable Feast

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I can’t ever remember getting a government advisory with the president’s name plastered on it. A very clever campaign mailer, paid for with public funds.

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Eggs-It, Stage Right

Our friends on the right have determined the only way to save the nation is to sacrifice the elderly to the Great God of Monitarism, and the sooner we do it, the sooner the stock market will bounce back from the abyss.

The philosophy of conservatism has always welcomed creative destruction. The law of the jungle requires the old and infirm to lag behind the herd to be devoured by the strong, thus maintaining the balance of nature.

How different they sound from the days when they howled about “death panels” and whined about that TV commercial where Paul Ryan pushes an old woman in a wheelchair off the cliff.

I have a feeling that when they talk about sacrifice, they aren’t talking about the upper crusted. Some of the elite will need to stick around to school the young and lead the nation until they have been sufficiently reeducated. Institutional knowledge and all.

So what do you say? Anybody up for an Easter egg hunt?

Let’s start on the White House lawn to set a good example.


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Holding Pattern

Not much talk about elections right now. Oh, the candidates are still issuing statements and taking potshots at each other, but there are more important things to consider.

Like the morons in Congress rearranging deck chairs while the ship of state is dead in the water. It wouldn’t be an emergency spending bill without both sides trying to make major changes to benefit their side.

And the people who absolutely refuse to stay at home. Despite all the quacking about government overreach, protecting the public is exactly what government is supposed to do when we are being invaded by a ruthless invisible enemy.

Hopefully, this will pass soon, and we can get back to the business of electing a president.

Until then, hunker down with a bowl of popcorn and binge on Netflix.



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Sign Of The Times

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