The Dreamer

dreamer621Scablands is actually two stories. My part of the story takes place along the same paths traveled by the dreamers of the Wanapum tribe one hundred years before me. The two stories weave in and out until they come together in the book’s conclusion.

I’ll be selling and signing copies of Scablands this Sunday, July 27, at McGee’s Annex in Nevada City. Hope to see you there!

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Act Your Age

Aging Boomer619I did this cartoon when I was fifty years old. Feels like a century ago now.

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Book Release Party!!!

Poster Scablands615Okay! The book release party for SCABLANDS is set for Sunday, July 27, from 3 to 6 pm. There will be munchies for the bums and I’ll have a big stack of books for sale. Let the good times roll!

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LBJ583In recognition of the passage of the civil rights act, the Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City are spotlighting Lyndon Baines Johnson in 2014. Lyndon’s greatest achievement ended up being overshadowed by the Vietnam war, but history will no doubt be kinder as the memory of that debacle fades. Look forward to seeing all the chief execs in this year’s Constitution Day parade on Sunday, September 14th. Hope to see you there!

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Sunday in the park

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SCABLANDS – sample

The following is a sample from my just-released graphic autobiography, Scablands, which is available in print from (keyword: Scablands) Enjoy…Scab Story One596Scab Story Two597Scab Story Three598Scab Story Four599Scab Story Five600

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Free The Hands!

Gloves594Bartenders all over the state of California are clapping today, and it is the crisp clap of bare hands rather than the muffled slapping sound of rubber on rubber. That’s right, the omnipotent legislature has repealed the law they hastily passed last year requiring all food and drink handlers to wear gloves.

One might see the wisdom of requiring fast food handlers to cover their filthy teenage paws, but it was going to be a disaster for the bar industry. When was the last time you heard of someone getting sick from the celery stalk in a Bloody Mary, or the lime in the coconut? Having to change gloves every five minutes would seriously impede the public’s right to be served in a timely fashion, and would no doubt lead to fewer tips from anxious alcoholics.

But even a body as clueless as the solons in Sacramento must eventually see the error of their ways, especially when their campaign contributions from the powerful food and alcohol interests are in play.

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Loose Talk At City Hall – 1981

Crabmans Special Report590This was my first editorial comic strip, published in The Nevada City Independent in 1981. The big issue of the day was Nevada City’s open container law. Yeah, that’s right, newbies…you used to be able to drink a cold one right on the street! With all those new breweries opening up, maybe it’s time to bring the old tradition back. (Don’t hold your breath!)

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Charge Of The Lights Brigade

Nevada City Lights589There’s been a lot of loose talk concerning those lights in downtown Nevada City. As usual, it’s another case of whether to keep Nevada City’s historical image intact or to bend with the changing tastes of the populace.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard the argument for better lighting in NC. Back in the eighties there was a proposal to tear down the old market and Rogers’ Frame Shop on Pine Street to make way for additional parking. (This was before the forest service property was sacrificed to the god of asphalt.) At a townhall meeting, members of the Oddfellow’s Hall objected. They were upset that the city would contemplate defiling their last sanctuary in a town that had become alien to them. And they also complained that the gas lights were so dim that they feared for their lives crossing Broad Street after dark.

The proposal died, and eventually so did all the old Odd Persons. Allen Rogers is doing his best to keep the old organization alive, but most of NC’s young turks have other interests and motives.

Change doesn’t come easy to Nevada City. Several generations have devoted their time and energy to keep the historical district intact. They are understandably concerned that the city is standing on a slippery slope in the lighting debate. As one person on Facebook asked: “What’s next; neon?”

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Changing Of The Guard

Sugarloaf Explodes582Back in 2007, I did this cartoon to note the retirement of then-mayor Steve Cottrell. Now it is seven years later and Mayor Sally Harris is about to leave city hall. No signs of volcanic activity from Sugarloaf, yet.

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