Looks Pretty Good For Her Age

Happy Birthday Nevada City

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The Big Question

Mother Lodita Water020

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Hillary Announces Candidacy For President…Dragons To Follow…

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Dyslexic Fowl

Chicken Rubbers018

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Descent into the Caldera

Every year, Mary Ann and I pack our swimming suits and head west to the Calistoga Spa, located in the caldera of an ancient volcano. The mineral pools are the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of soaking my bones in, and Calistoga is a beautiful and friendly little town. I can’t wait to go back…

Bob in the pool011Calistoga Bob and Mary006The pool opens at 8am. I’m in it at 8:01am.





The contented couple contemplate parboiling themselves in the mineral stew.




Mary Schuckin Peas010Mary Ann, schuckin’ fresh peas for Easter dinner.





Barbeque Bob009Meanwhile, the alpha male hunter cooks up the day’s catch from the grocery store.

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Conflicting Holidays

Easter Fool Color004

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Bagel Seeds?

Cheerio April Fool942

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Sign Of The Times

Know Your Minorities001

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Sustainable Sunny & Her Sacred Sequoia

Sunny Greentree938I get plenty of inspiration for Sunny Greentree living here in Hippieville, California.

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More Rock Humor

A few years back, this actually happened, although the bill eventually died after a good helping of public ridicule.


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