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The 4th In Dutch Flat

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Listen To Your Uncle

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Highway Robbery

The Nevada City City Council (without much notice) decided to raise the parking fees from twenty-five cents per hour to one dollar. I’ll be selling torches and pitchforks outside city hall before the next meeting.

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Just Another Reminder

Kudos to Governor Newsom for reminding us Californians that our heritage is much more than wine, gold, and movies. (See link in comments.)

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Lash, Don’t Splash

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How High?

The Sierra snowpack is melting fast in the summer heat and many people are living outside, but not by choice.

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I was cruising Facebook last Saturday and noticed three or four posts from friends in the south county warning of massive storm clouds headed our way. Mary Ann and I ran to the backyard, where we had just planted this … Continue reading

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Freak Show

Only three more voting days to choose the lesser of one evil. Kiley and Dahle have really outdone themselves in the mud wrestling ring during this farce of an election, totally ignoring Ringmaster Reagan’s 11th commandment. (Thou shalt not speak … Continue reading

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The White Sand Road

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