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Kate McKinnon 4 Prez -2020

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Calling Back The Salmon Doctor – Nisenan Heritage Day 2016

Get your indigenous on today at Sierra College from 10 to 4.

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Common Ground

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has departed this physical plane, but he left us with beautiful music…

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The Walking Dems

I’ve seen this condition before, in ’68, in ’72, in ’80, and in 2000. Shell-shocked Democrats, wandering the streets aimlessly, chanting, “Brains,,,What happened to brains?” They so believed their own hype and polls that the idea of losing was never … Continue reading

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The End Of The Beginning

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What’s YOUR Sign?

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RL @ The Foxhound in November

The dates have been finalized. I will be selling the “Full Moon in Nevada City” t-shirts as well as the Starship City Hall” t-shirts (not approved by Duane Strawser) at the reception on Sunday, November 20. They make great Christmas … Continue reading

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Descent Into The Mudstorm

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Trump Campaign Song

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