A Plea For Sanity

The far right wingers should heed this warning before they do something that will disgrace the party of Lincoln for the rest of eternity…


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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    I find it interesting how the political philosophy of people like William F. Buckley, President Eisenhower, or even that of the right’s old conservative hero, Ronald Reagan, have fallen by the wayside, being replaced by the insanity of radical characters like Trump.
    Yet, it appears from my view, that the left’s so called “utopian” political goal has remained pretty consistent over the same span of time. The ongoing efforts to expand and codify the “New Deal” of FDR is still the backbone of those who make up the majority of the progressive movement.

    The efforts of those on the right, however, to take us “back” to whatever past reality they envision, keeps getting more radical, while they refuse to realize that it is their own political structure that needs to return to an earlier time and constructive format.

    While the left still holds it’s crazy fringe at arm’s length, the right has fully embraced their own fringe, making it the center piece of their power struggle.

  2. Steven Frisch says:

    Great article and thanks for posting Bob.

    One line that caught my attentions was, “…It’s a huge problem on the left, but as a non-leftist that’s not my battle.”

    Yep, kooks on the right are a problem, and here in Nevada County, they abound…but kooks on the left? At what point does the left become so left they become the right?

    I would say today we see that in Nevada City charlatan Reinette Senum. Chem-trails, crisis actors, 5-G, anti-vax, and police “getting what they deserve” are just a few examples. But what is even more clear since her resignation from the Nevada City Council, where, if she had chosen to stay, the voters have proven they would elect her again and again no matter how bat shit crazy she became, is that the extreme left is merging with the extreme right.

    Trump worshiping conspiracy theorists are merging with anti-vax, anti-mask, Covid-19 conspiracy theorists in a perverse marriage of two massive piles of bat shit crazy.

    It is the responsibility of rational people to denounce the irrational threats in our community…and Reinette’s ideas are dangerous, hold Nevada County back from making progress on many issues, and should be openly denounced by community leaders. If not, it is just as the writer observed about Goldwater and Robert Welch, by failing to denounce one becomes complicit.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      An example of a “charlatan” is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick or deception in order to obtain money, fame, or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. I see no proof that Ms. Senum has used any form of trickery to get people to believe what she believes. As possibly erroneous as she may be on some issues, there’s no evidence that she makes the statements she makes to fool anyone. I see her as someone who honestly believes what she says and retracts those statements that sometimes cross the line of social ill.
      When it comes to chem trails, I’m not of a mind to believe any vast government conspiracy, yet I’ve been aware of our efforts to chemically ‘seed’ clouds since high school. And she certainly isn’t making up stories when she says that up to 100 million Americans may have been given simian virus 40, which is from the monkeys we obtained the vaccine from. Also, a quick check of current Congressional investigations reveals that the runaway marketing of oxicontin was linked to agencies that were supposed to control such pharmaceuticals.
      And she never said she thought the Dallas police “got what they deserved.” That’s from the fake news rag posing as a satirical publication which has crossed the line of humor quite a few times. Lastly, the 5G, (and all the other G’s), may indeed affect our health. We are all bombarded 24/7 with radiation from our communication system. That’s an undisputed fact among those with direct knowledge of such things and may very well explain why the human race is getting agitated like ants in a microwave, these days.

      I would suppose that, from the standpoint of a so-called business leader, Ms. Sedum’s verbal and written expressions, personal or elected, would or could be seen as a threat to the Nevada County business community. And to that I would say, you may be right; your above position certainly could be seen as a conservative viewpoint, bringing the left into direct contact with the right. Not to mention your call for “community leaders” to rebuke her is exactly the kind of business-world PC that got Trump elected in the first place, with a majority rejecting the moniker “leaders”. Most Americans don’t cotton to those who self-proclaim positions of supposed power.

      Ah well.

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