Baby Boomer Bar-B-Q


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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    RL, I look at all those ailments and all I see are $$ signs. Sigh.
    It’s going to take till 2054 to clear out the last of us Boomers. What a mess.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      You could do us all a great favor a start the exit MichaelA. LOL!!

      • rl crabb says:

        I am reminded that when I read one of Todd’s incisive comments that I should have had a balloon with “dementia” in it.

        • Sharon McKibbin says:

          Then there’s fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, cult de-programming, spent my inheritance on my over-financed luxury house but that’s ok cuz I walked away from the mortgage, cleansing liquid diet, what’s your bliss?, and… carpal (not carpel) tunnel. To mention only a few, in no particular order or grouping.
          And, of course the obligatory 🙂

          • rl crabb says:

            Yeah, yeah…It’s carpal, not carpel. Like I said, dementia.

          • Chris Peterson says:

            Give it a few years and all the balloons will say, “Cancer.”

            I’m finally starting to understand the term, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Limited mortality was always someone else’s problem. Question is: Is there really any reason to go gracefully?
            Dementia indeed.

      • Michael Anderson says:

        What a hoot, etc.

      • TD Pittsford says:

        What’s your problem? “LOL” doesn’t justify the fact that your comment was not only inappropriate but remarkably immature. It adds nothing to the conversation either. Grow up and perhaps your comments will actually serve some purpose other than showing off your child-like ignorance.

  2. TD Pittsford says:

    Good cartoon, Bob. You know, we used to have conversations on myriad topics of interest and varying levels of importance. Now it seems all we have left are comparisons of our various states of health and the nature of its decline. Doesn’t anybody talk sports any more at parties? (I’d mention politics also, but I think we’re all pretty sick of THAT particular subject and have agreed that it’s pretty screwed and there’s not much we can do about it except bend over and enjoy it as best we can.)

  3. Todd Juvinall says:

    RL must be getting a lot of spam. Moderation is on. Same on my blog.

  4. Robert Lovejoy says:

    When I was a young buck older people would tell me “Do not got grow old. I don’t care what you hear, it is not fun. Its a pain in the rear.” They never told me how not to grow old. Now that some of us are aging not so gracefully with aches and pains, I realize that the little woman’s muffin top has grown into a pound cake. I look in the mirror and see wrinkles and ear hair and wonder what ever happened to that young buck she married. The new knee works fine but the metal plate in the head sets of the alarms at the airport. At least someone is interested in my body parts, even if its only the TSA.

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